22 days in.....

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No MB and no P, and i believe things are going well. I'm starting to feel better, my whole outlook on life, i feel more energy, not all the time, but better than before. I feel more outgoing, more positive perspectives on life. My goal has always been to normalize my sex drive, i feel that porn has been a huge factor in taking it away from me. 22 days in and i can def get more aroused just by looking at a women, its not where i want it to be. However im still a very short distance in. I know some have said it can take 6 weeks, even 3 months to become fully better. But if things can continue to improve like they have now, i'll def be happy.

I have had like 3-4 wet dreams, i don't know why. But they don't really effect me, and if they do they have minimal effect. I was actually tempted to look at porn a couple days ago, i even clicked on a site. to my suprise the feeling wasn't as strong. There was still some pull toward it, but it was only about half of what it used to be. The attraction to real women has gone up, the attraction to porn has gone down. Still feel like im not on either side yet, but still in the middle and further abstinence will get me to where i want to go.

I still get urges. The difference is now i believe i understand them more. When i used to get to three weeks and have an urge to look at porn i got discouraged. Kind of saying, "i can still get aroused by this, so whatever im doing is not working". Now i understand more it takes time. Smokers and drinkers don't beat addiction in just three weeks. It can take alot longer. 3 weeks ago i was telling myself that 3 weeks is a lifetime, but now im here in a flash. Everytime i get an urge now, i tell myself its there, but im not gonna act on it. I think about my overall goal, and it has been working.

So on i go, i want to make it to 90 days no matter how many dream o's i have. Alot of times i'd be scared to approach women because it could lead to something intimate and because of my heavy porn use i wouldn't be prepared. Now though i feel things changing, i'm cautiously optimistic, and again its only 22 days in. So on i go. I wish everyone luck in their recoveries as well.

Great to hear

I've been learning so much from you guys about the timing of these various aspects of recovery. I realize now that I was a bit naive myself about timing when some of you first began to arrive.

Everyone's reports help so much.

Keep up the good work!

*big hug*