withdrawal symptoms after a couple weeks?

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Was just wondering. I have gone about a month no P no MB. About a week ago (3 weeks in) i started to feel occational overall weakness in my body, in the back of my neck and head especially at times. I was wondering if this could be common in withdrawal. The first couple weeks everything was fine, however i had several wet dreams as well, not those are less frequent and i have some body weakness. I feel lethargic. Funny thing is though during this period i have gained some of my libido back, normal women are exciting me again, not in full force, but its def changing.

Is is normal to go a couple weeks and then get hit with withdrawal symptoms? I was thinking maybe my mind was going back to all that porn, and now finally a couple weeks without it and my body is adjusting to the changes. I have done this a couple times in the past, and im pretty sure this same body weakness was there everytime right before i would recover. But im still not sure.

I don't know,

but I do find that my worst symptoms are right before I bounce back to normal. Weird. Gary, on the other hand, notices a more linear return to balance. My thought is that everyone is different.

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