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"The Soul of Sex: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love" Thomas Moore http://www.careofthesoul.net/wr_temple.htm
Gotta love a book that has pages and pages about Aphrodite. Tho I must admit I'm finding Artimis quite attractive these days.
There is soooo much forgiveness in this man's writing.
[quote=William Blake]Man has no Body distinct from the Soul
For that called Body is a portion of the Soul
Discerned by the five Senses,
The chief inlets of the Soul in this age.[/quote]"Unless we have lost imagination completely, when we look at the body we are seeing the soul...."
"The compulsive aspect of sexual gazing betrays the fact that our looking is not deep enough. When we look at a holy icon we know we're in the presence of the numinous. But in our secular society we have lost an explicit awareness of the sanctity of sex. We think of it in purely human terms, as far from religion as possible, and therefore our looking is not right."
"Sex lies at the very base of our identity and at the core of our need to escape loneliness and discover joy. By effectively secularizing it, we suffer an enormous chaos and emptiness at the very base of our existence."
Thank you Marnia for the healing work you are so unselfishly doing.


Aphrodites Chela - thanks so

Aphrodites Chela - thanks so much for posting this, and the link. I've ordered the book. I have others by this author, but it's been years since I read them, so I'll have to dig them out for a fresh reading.

Marnia - I think it's a tribe of some sort. Sooner or later, someone's gonna start a bonfire, and the dancing will go all night. Wink


Yes, thank you~

I had never heard of Thomas Moore and now I'm very interested in reading more from him.

Looking forward to some nights by the fire with one of his books! (but I'm always up for dancing next to a bonfire!)