Masturbation without ejaculation

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In terms of hormones and chemicals, does masturbation still count as abstinence since you are not releasing anything except for occasional precum? Can you still keep your libido and energy high if you masturbate without ejaculation?

I wouldn't bother

Quite frankly, I haven't seen a person yet who has posted that they SUCCESSFULLY (meaning, 99% of the time, for several months, without relapse) masturbated without ejaculation for any long period. It almost always leads back to relapse. "Solo" Karezza simply isn't real, in my opinion.

Consider a myriad of factors. In Karezza, though sexual contact is made, your partner is still there to soothe you. There's loving contact. There's time spent with another human being. A natural cut-off point is established. A connection is made.

With masturbation, only sexual contact is made. There is no soothing. There is no loving contact. A cut off point is only established when you consciously decide that enough is enough, and more often than not, your conscious mind gets over-ruled by the lizard mind that wants more. No connection is made, except with your imagination.

I'm not suggesting that you NEVER masturbate ever, and yes, avoiding going overboard would still count as abstinence, I suppose. But really, if you truly want to be abstinent, masturbating just won't help. It makes things worse. Your libido and energy will be high, but not for long.

That said,

there have been solo practices around for ages that work on arousing and raising sexual energy (without climax). My thought is that they may be more successful for those in monastic environments, where people are not constantly bludgeoned with hypersexual stimulation at every turn. In other words, I'm not sure how the Dalai Lama himself would do with solo practices surrounded by today's TV and Internet sexual stimulation. Smile

Still, if you want to experiment:
Solo Practices

QUOTE - "Can you still keep

QUOTE - "Can you still keep your libido and energy high if you masturbate without ejaculation?

I believe so yes. In fact I find physical masturbation & stimulation to be unnecessary and I'm more likley to have an "accident" if I touch myself so I prefer to use a method which I called "Paul's Yoga & Tantric Meditation"

First I get a kitchen timer & set it for 20 - 30 or 40 mins. It varies depending on how much time I have.

I Get into yoga (lotus position) cross legged but lying on floor/bed (Naked) - I Lie there (penis erect) breathing slowley, meditating - as one would with yoga - but I try to meditate on erect cock. I Don't touch it! Just "Be with the feeling" Allow precum to drip on stomach. **But make no attempt to masterbate**

I lie there, as with meditation, but instead of concentrating on my breathing, I try to think only of the feeling in my genitals.

I Lie there (penis erect) breathing slowley, meditating - as one would with yoga - but try to meditate on erect cock Dont move!! Just "Be with the feeling" Accept the feeling! - stay relaxed & enjoy it --

Allow precum to drip on stomach (I'm luckey to produce a lot of that - LOL). **make no attempt to masterbate** I Dont even touch myself mostly. I Think only of the feeling in my genitals till the beeper goes.

Afterwards I don't masterbate! - or waste the sexual energy! Instead get up, get dreased & get on with my day/evening. This last bit of course needs willpower bigtime! but I still find it easier than holding back when I'm near the edge.

I Repeat this every day, usually in early evening

Any one else have views on this method as distinct from edging??

If you don't orgasm

Then you are abstaining from orgasm. I can tell you one thing though, from my experience as a person who really enjoys orgasm and never turned down a chance to either give myself one or get one from somebody else, if I start masturbating....I'm not likely to quit before I come. That's just me.

If you are interested in a satirical look at "Karezzic Masturbation" check this out:

does it get frustrating for

does it get frustrating for you holding all the time?
in my experience, holding back ejaculation and orgasm is absolute torture.

for me it's led to persistent sexual thoughts, feeling of congestion, urge and aches within the pelvic area and even restless sleep if those feelings come on in the evening.

ejaculation has always been the way. never holding back. but since i started holding to ejaculation, admittedly it gets frustrating and tiring in itself but i hate wasting sexual energy on masturbation.

i'm just wondering how it can still be pleasurable for some men.
is it enough to cause an erection or just pre cum?