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I'm new to this forum but have been following this site for some time. Like many other men, I feel like orgasm while very pleasurable itself, leaves me "empty" and with some craving feelings.

So I have been experimenting (alone and with my wife) with limiting/withholding my orgasm. With limited success so far. I can maintain orgasmless arousal and stimulation for a stretch of days, but usually within a week it becomes to much and I succumb to the temptation of allout ejaculation.

We have noticed that after extended stimulation I'm able to release (mostly) clear fluid (often alot) when I'm brought very close to the edge and than relax and let go. It feels like a release from swollen glands and it positively influences my endurance and arousal (!). Go figure...

I've been wondering whether these are my Cowpers glands (but it is alot of precum, often enough to coat my entire penis in a slippery layer) or my seminal vesicules (is their product clear or white?). Anybody pursuing male continence having the same?

Does releasing fluids (without contractions) influence your endurance and lust positively or negatively? How does your partner experience your release?

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I'm a little confused

by your post. I think you mean that you notice lots of lubrication coming from your penis even when you don't ejaculate, right? We've found that to be a normal (and very delightful) feature of karezza, and haven't noticed any drawbacks from it.

Going too near the edge does eventually push you over it, but as long as that's okay with you and you're happy with the problem. Smile