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I hope to get some reply soon but unitl then wanted to add a few more thoughts. My husband believes that he is an animal first and that he needs to have is sex drive satisfies before he could possibily penetrate me without wanting an orgasm. I jsut don't know what to say to him at these times. He argues very strongly and I jsut get left feeling that he's not ging to change and doesn't want to hear what i have to say. He thinks it absurd that I'm reading about how to exchange energies in a sexual relationship. He is angry at me because i don't have the same drive as he and he has been forced to respect me and not himself so he's angry at me. But I too am aware that this hasn't been good for him as many of your articles are about too much as well as too little!!! He's had too little and therefore is unwilling to settle for anything less that penetration with orgasm. I too also get frustrated which my husband very kindly points out!!! Due to not exchanging energies with him but still am not ready to just allow him as he pleases... He too says it's just psychological that I'm not ready!!! I mean that my body isn't open to recieve him....why is it that i don't have the masculine drive like him??? I keep thinking that we are just mismatched sexually. I don't know where to go....I jsut don't want him to penetrate me more often when I'm not open to him.....

I'm separating

I've been married for 16 years to a good man. I read "Peace..."
a couple of years ago, and tried to initiate Marina's method.
Didn't work. Next week, I'm telling him that it's over. I
would love to find a man who is interested in this type of sexual
relating....don't know if that will ever happen.


you're separating

Dear Lee,
thanks for your reply...I came to the site to write more about what happened last night. I will still write something but wanted to thank you for your reply. I too have thought about separation...but some internal conflicts that prevent me from coming to that decision... If and when that decision comes I'm sure that I'll have the strength to do what is needed and the willingness to accept what ever happens. I wish this for you too.