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So I'm about a month now of not asking for anything from my spouse.....little stuff, yeah....but no "Fix me, pleeeease........or I'm going to get REAL shitty". Trying to find my own way to sanity by understanding myself. Basic, basic stuff....sticking with what feels right and healthy and avoiding the manipulative and "shoulds" (I should do some Morita's or BB's to get her to be more affectionate....NOT). Man o man am I testy these days....."Don't Fuck With Me" is branded on my forehead. I came here today to read up on some of the Anger posts I skipped 'cause I'm a Nice Guy and anger is irrelevant to what I'm trying to do.....other people get angry.....RIIIIIGHT.
3 weeks ago I actually had some karezza going. Her intention was to have an orgasm ("Well, I can go masturbate if you're not interested"). No problem, I'm doing good with grateful, not goal oriented and SEXY....really good. But then as she's cumming I think ( the mind is an awesome thing) "She's been so nice. She really likes it when we cum together. I think I'll give her a gift and cum too" Shit, that started a 3 day binge where I masturbated 7 times, fuck. Sanity's back so now I can deal with the anger.
Much love friends