How long until I get my sex drive and easy erections back?

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I am a 16 year old guy who masturbated pretty much everyday for three years straight. Before I started masturbating (When i was 12 or 13), I would easily get a erection if I saw a hot girl or if I danced with a hot girl. Last week, I went to a teen club and a bunch of girls were grinding their asses on my penis, and I never got hard the whole night. Two years ago I would have had the biggest boner ever. So I decided to quit masturbating, I am on my 5th day with no masturbation and was wondering how long it would take to be able to get boners/hard ons like I did three years ago. How long until I get my sex drive back to the point where if I see a hot girl, I will get erect and hrony like I used to? Masturbation killed my horniness, and I want it back. Last year, I quit for a month and it still did not come back, so maybe 4-5 months for me to go back? What do you think? I miss easy boners. Also, my erections are not as stiff as they used to be before I started masturbating, will the stiffness come back as well when the boners start coming back? Is it possible that I can never go back to the way I used to be?

its very wise of you to

its very wise of you to recognize this so early in life. i wish i had been able to do the same when i was 16. i only recognized my problem with porn/masturbation addiction when i was 26. dont worry your sex drive will come back as well as your sensitivity. controlling your urges will make a great difference but the thing ive had to battle with the most was patience. instant gratification was the problem for me when masturbating and after a while my brain became wired to the point where i wouldn't even be erect next to my naked beautiful fiance! its frustrating for sure but hang in there and keep on the path, erections and sensitivity will come back in so many ways!

and i dont want to knock the idea that not masturbating will help you revive your sensitivity (it most certainly does) but maybe you are also getting to the point in life where meaningless arousal is becoming just that. you may simply be at a point where your arousal is needing a mental/spiritual connection aside from simple eye candy. just an idea

dont beat yourself up. that is key. be patient and you will see the benefits of what your undertaking. i have had a hard time being patient with myself but despite that impatience, progress still makes itself known. but being open and patient makes it easier for sure


Dude, you are a wise man!!!

You discovered this problem at such a young age!!!


Don't ever watch porn again in your life and you will stop having erection problems.

And you don't have to quit masturbation. Just reduce it to once a week or something.

I doubt you'll need anything

close to 4-5 months. Did you read this account? It appears to be the case that the more consistent you are at first (with avoiding ALL extreme stimuli...which basically means today's Internet porn :-)...and even masturbation for a while), the sooner the boners will return to normal.

Remember, your brain evolved to find normal stimulation very hot. It's the use of "hotter than normal" stimuli (hours of porn variety, for example) that make the brain less responsive to normal stimuli.

You're learning something valuable. No worries. You'll be fine.


I'm bumping this thread because I'm really interested in what fluff had to say. fluff, to get your libido back to a more respectable level, must you abstain from sexual intercourse?