♥Where did you meet your Karezza partner?

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Where did you meet your Karezza partner, if you have one?

I'm not really interested in dating websites, and I have had trouble convincing my partner about Karezza in the past. So what do I have to do to meet someone in real life who is willing to try Karezza? Do I have to hang out in meditation groups and yoga classes, or what?




are a great way to meet people of like interests....a good first sort. You get to observe the Other in a variety of situations and to reveal yourself and level of interest in stages.
Tantra Classes....
With all the guys blogging here ya just might find one here....
I would love to see a Hug Church....you just show up and the trained priests/priestess's would be available for a warm embrace

Met my kwazi karezzi in our marriage

nos amo

Nobody is born knowing about

Nobody is born knowing about karezza, so I think, that you can ask a person you are connecting with read Marnia's book and maybe Diana Richardson's books. And see, if it reasonates with them. Spiritual grwoth classes is a great idea, because most people who come there are the ones, that are open for new ideas and willing to grow.

In general,

it's best to use a book...and not to try to persuade someone yourself. It's a tricky subject. They need time for their resistance to come up...without having you to argue with. Wink

I'm not even going to ask

I'm not even going to ask which kind Wink I don't think that there is any one place. Just go where you like to be. I'm curious how many of us don't drink coffee. The caffeinated people don't look too friendly.


You know I used to meet women at coffee shops all the time. Sometimes they drank coffee, sometimes hot cider with a cinnamon stick, either or! In line for smoothie or a bookstore, I don't think it matters because the idea of karezza is too far off the mainstream to expect anyone to be a believer at first glance, if you will.

I came to Reuniting for my ED problems with porn. But slowly I'm coming around to the idea of karezza, and I think that when I'm in a long-term relationship, I'd like to give it a sincere go for awhile. But that said, I've been coming to this website for 2 months and it's taken me that long to open up to it. Just like the introduction of any foreign entity, it's a sales job. It take 6-10 contacts from an advertisment before it registers in our heads...and that's without any open resistance to it. So figure Karezza is gonna be at least that long.

But at the same time, if she cares about me enough to date me, I'm sure she'd open to anything that would make our relationship better. "What if there was something betterhan orgasm?" "What if orgasm was the booby prize?"

I think if we have healthy, intimate relationships, the parterns in our lives would at least be open to seeing the presentation on the homepage. Then it's like anything else...if karezza really IS better than orgasming, it'll sell itself, right? Kinda like porn. For years, I was fine with porn. And then when I realized that abstention would give me a better erection? Well, you didn't have to spend a whole of time convincing me.

I'd agree

Karezza is a tough sell. Primarily, because unlike certain "remedies" offered to cure our sexual woes, karezza unfortunately requires the most work.

It's the greatest irony, really. In a sexual practice that requires you do practically "nothing", you actually end up having to do quite a lot. It's not a magic pill for ED or porn, except that it magically cure things if you're willing to try it.

It's like dieting and exercise. There are thousands of diet programs, if not millions. And yet, many can confess that simply eating less and working out more is pretty much a sure fire way to weight loss. In essence, if you want to be "slimmer", you're entire lifestyle has to change long term.

Karezza is much like that. You can't just hump someone in some wild "Ducky" pose and expect eternal bliss. Bonding behaviors, a willingness to let go of the old habits and assumptions, and the ability to do it long term, not for a week or two, is just the minimum requirement. But the payoff is huge. That's what eventually turns people around, if they're willing to stick around long enough for it to sink in.

I was drinking puehr tea.

I was drinking puehr tea. He a cappucino. He's amazingly settled for a coffee drinker. We just had our one year anniversary yesterday in that same coffee shop. We acted like we were bumping into eachother for the first time, and asked the other about their life and what their loved one was like. We also did a little ritual of removing extra keys that had accumulated on our keychain, representing access to doors that we no longer desired to open.

The two keys to the two doors that I was ready to no longer access: mistrust of men, and
carrying baggage and historical imprints from ancestors.

We dropped our keys into the Wilammette river, then went to get a couples massage at a spa. Realized afterwards it was a waste of money. We much prefer one another's touch.

Just depends upon the person

I met my sweetheart a year ago through an online service (match.com) and after our first "heavy make-out" session (lol), I knew there was something different about him...the way he kissed, the way he touched me, it was something I'd never experienced with any other man.

So I immediately started searching around the internet and found tantra and karezza (and this forum) and found there *is* a different way to make love. I remember sending him a text in our early days of dating saying "You are very tantric." I got back a "??" and that led to a discussion of tantra/karezza and me sending lots of links to articles, videos, etc.

He said he had always been that way (wanting intercourse to last longer and not be rushed), but didn't know there was a name for it. I then purchased Marnia's book and Dr. Bass' book and then recently the Richardson books and we have both read them and learned together.

Every time we make love we learn something new about each other. Neither of us had ever experienced the deep feelings and sensations we now feel when we are making love. We lose all sense of time and the minutes and hours pass so quickly.

I think the key for us is that we have always felt comfortable discussing *anything* and especially sex. If you can find a partner with whom you can share your feelings about this and someone who is up for experimenting with something new, you'll have a beautiful experience together.


We met "Online"

I put "online" it in quotes because it was non-internet based multi-user system, and we were both admins on it - we'd play tricks on one another by reprogramming the sysadmin commands. He made me laugh, and still does every single day.



Interesting everyone!

Thanks for posting. Curious how everyone mentions that famous "resistance coming up". Marnia reccomended me to "leave the door open" for my boyfriend - just escaping the oblivion dump of the century by a hair - and I did leave just a tiny ray of hope for him to cling to.

He still isn't pleased about karezza but he is talking to me about it in a reasonable way and it's interesting what comes up!

Mahalo nui loa,


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