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Last weekend I experienced something new (yet again!) with my lover and it was so wonderful I wanted to share.

A little background, as some of you know, I've been reading the Richardson tantra books and in Diana's book, "The Heart of Tantric Sex," she talks about something she experienced while working as a massage therapist.

She found that when she stopped trying to "work on" people through massage for their benefit and switched over to sort of "using" them for sensory pleasures of her own, it seemed her clients came out of the massage much more relaxed and refreshed. In other words, she focused inward during the massage and concentrated on the feelings she was getting through her hands, rather than focusing on the customer and what he or she might be feeling. She said it made her feel guilty to do this (at first), but when she noticed what a positive reaction she received from it, she knew it was the right thing to do.

I thought this would be fun to try, so last weekend, very early in the morning, I was fortunate enough to have my sweet lover in the bed with me...I wanted to touch him softly before I got out of bed to go tend to my critters (I have two horses and a dog--I like to get up and take care of them then crawl back into bed so we can spend a languid morning under the covers).

He was on his stomach and I started running my hand across his back, buttocks, shoulders, neck, etc. I focused completely on the sensations I received through my fingers. I was touching very lightly. I was not "trying" to do anything to him, I was just experiencing what my fingers were feeling.

What I found was I would be running my fingers across him and then I would come to a spot that would send a sensual jolt through my body, meaning, to *all* my parts. I would pause on these spots and massage a little harder, then move on. It was like a treasure hunt and so fun to find those spots that would make my body react that way.

My lover is normally very much awake and aware when I am touching him (lol), even when sleepy with eyes closed, but on this morning, I noticed he fell into a beautiful slumber. I felt I had completely relaxed him and I was very happy about that (made it easier to sneak out of the bed without him waking!).

So the next morning, almost the same situation, but this time I am back in bed after feeding my animals. He was on his side facing me and I could feel his penis resting on my leg. I started doing the same thing to him...lightly running my fingers across his stomach, chest, shoulders...and when I would find one of those "hot spots," I would also feel his penis move slightly! So he and I were feeling the same sensual jolt when I would touch those places that called to me.

I finally told him what I was doing and we were both really bewildered at how this was happening.

I still don't know the answer to what exactly is going on between my hands and his body, but it was just so lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on him again tomorrow~~


Love That Polarity

Dunno what those spots are, but how nice you found them....more importantly perhaps, that you found that part of yourself, that way of touching.
I'm working with Diana's book too. When I first tried karezza, I kept asking, "What do I do?" Tantric Sex for Men is a great "how to" guide.

Thanks so much for sharing

this, Rachel. Reading real experiences like this is so helpful to someone like me. And thanks for the book recommendations.

(I like critters also! Not so long ago also had two horses. Such big-hearted creatures.)