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I've been meaning to share this bit of information with my fellow men on this site and realized I could blog it. Never done the blog thing before. I always thought "blog" was the sound you made just before you started to throwing up so I've been a tad resistant.

Anyway, what I want to share is about holding the semen in. When you are with your lover and find you just slipped over the edge, or you're spanking the monkey, about to blow your big load, instead of letting it fly you can keep that precious substance in your body by doing this technique. Simply press the spot half way between your testicles and anus with three fingers, firmly. Most of the pressure on the middle finger. You will pulse like a regular ejaculation but nothing will come out and your semen will just get reabsorbed. You should find that you feel much less depleted and your energy will come back much quicker. For those that enjoy indulging in guilt afterward you may find that the self flagellation period is less enthusiastic.

This is an old Taoist technique that I have applied over the years with excellent results and cant recommend it enough. The Taoists claimed semen was a vital potent substance for the man and was best kept inside his body except for making babies. For those that say its not good to hold it in this way, I say nonsense, I trust the ancient Taoists and have never experienced any ill effects from doing it myself.

I doubt that it will happen but it would be very interesting to see a scientific study done on this to see what happens with the brain chemistry using this technique as opposed to a full ejaculation.

I still recommend obstaining from orgasm/ejaculation all together but when you do go over the edge, intentionally or not, this is a good half way measure. Give it a try.


Wise words Darryl

I did broke down after going 21 days and getting another WD. That was the straw that broke the camel's back, I said to hell with this, it cannot be beaten. I didn't think that it doesn't have to keep going like that forever. In fact the 21 days were a sign that things have started to slow down, but I wasn't thinking clearly at the time. Now my goal is to stay away from PM and try to get as few O's as possible by channeling those 20amps towards some useful activities. Thanks for articulating what I should've realized much sooner.

Useful activities

Your comment about channeling those 20 amps into some useful activities made me think about something. Consider hitting the gym if you dont already. I believe exercise has the capacity to make a real difference in handling those extra amp. Not to mention its a great place to channel that extra energy. I practice some form of exercise 6 days a week. Work the musculature, skeletal, respiratory, and circulatory system regularly and you'll feel the positive results.

Besides being good overall, it would be an interesting experiment to get on a good excercise routine and see how fast the wet dreams peter out.

I am hitting the gym once a week

That is on purpose because I'm trying to follow Mike Mentzer's High Intensity Training program. I'm usually sore at least two days after, then I leave a few more days for growth and full recovery. I am almost 4 months into this program, I have gained more than 10 pounds, with no supplements whatsoever so I'll stick with it for now. I'd love to be able to hit the gym daily, maybe in the future I'll try a different program, but I'll keep track of how things go with the wet dreams anyway.

That theory is validated by

That theory is validated by my experiences. I never had wet dreams in my life before abstaining. In my early years of puberty I heard that your first orgasm will happen in your dreams and that it would be a phenomenal experience. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. It didn't happen because the time I was having my first sexual sensations I started with porn, going through 1 to 3 masturbations a day. Clearly I wasn't able to have a WD because I released all the sexual tension I had (and even more ;)) so it couldn't build up.

After few weeks of abstinence I had the first wet dream in my life. I just imagined a woman and had an immediate orgasm after one second. I was so excited to have sex in my dreams before but was sad after I realized that I don't imagine complex long scenes but orgasm a few seconds after dreaming of a woman.

The more I abstained the longer were the periods between wet dreams, after 5 or 6 weeks I went more than 30 days without one.

So I think you are right. We are so used to orgasm more or less daily that our brain just repeats the pattern through our unconscious mind because we don't give our brain what it's used to be, the dopamine fix. It's a natural response which is our brain's answer to the sudden change in habits.

In general (when withholding orgasm for a long time), wet dreams might also occur sporadically because our reward circuit is more sensitized and we react to sexual cues in our dreams stronger and faster.

I can add that the WD orgasm are much less intense, I would even go so far as to say that I don't like them. Isn't dopamine all about anticipation?
I never liked the orgasm by itself but the extensive fantasizing and edging. I am always disappointed when I am "done" and try to dely the orgasm as long as possible. For example I feel much better when I close my eyes and fantasize about a woman than just masturbating without fantasy.

Downside is after a WD I have strong urges to masturbate which led to my biggest relapse last year. I can go on for weeks without MO but when I have a WD suddenly I have no willpower left at all.


Well said phoenix, I was nodding the whole time I read your post. Most of it could've been about me without changing a word. Just goes to show how similar people are in these matters.

Hm, sleeping on my back

Thanks Marnia, the only one I haven't tried is to sleep on my back. However, for the last WD I woke up coming while on my back so I don't know how effective that would be.

I think Darryl's suggestion should be in that FAQ. When all else fails, know that the WDs may become rarer with time (possibly a moderately long time).