Know These People?

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Institute for Ecstatic Living
Anybody know these people? taken any of their classes?


Actually, I do know them

I sat in on one of their introductory classes at Harbin. Not much to say, as it was over a decade ago and I don't remember much about it. I think I asked them what their view was on orgasm, and they gave the standard Osho-crowd response: "It's not necessary." I also remember some nice chiropractor then chiming in with, "Well, I sure wish I knew how to avoid orgasm because I'm completely knocked out the next day, and my wife doesn't always feel like waiting on me hand and foot." Wink


Not a bad report
I'm thinking about dragging my Izzy to one of their classes
Richardson's seem to be doing ok with Osho, so maybe these folks are all right. I liked Margot Anand's The Art od Sexual Ecstacy
with the new understanding I now have, after being here for almost 2 years....maybe I can handle it.