Soft Entry?

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So, this soft entry stuff I keep hearing about....
Not sure how I feel about it exactly.
I am not a fan of the idea of "having sex before my body is ready."
I have read about it and such, and I just can't really get excited about it.
But my mind is open nonetheless.

Anyone here have any experiences with it that they could share?


My experience~

Hi Sniff~

I am 50 and my lover is 52 and we mostly only get to see each other on the weekends. Because of that, when we *are* together, we spend lots and lots of hours having (mostly) non-orgasmic intercourse (we do slip up sometimes).

By the end of our time together, his penis is tired, lol!! But there are times when we still want that connection~~we have both come to love the "electrical" charge we feel when his penis is inside me, just being still.

So even if I have worn the poor man out, we will still try to connect and so we have done soft entry. The times we have done it, we were very much connected and it wasn't a situation where we just did it without having lots of lovely kissing and cuddling beforehand (meaning, my body was ready).

It's kind of fun getting it inside (you have to have a sense of humor), but once you at least get the head of the penis inside and lie there still, it will usually start to grow on its own, no matter how tired it is. The feeling is like nothing I've ever felt. We usually just lie there with our lips together and breathe each other in for as long as we feel we need to. It's just lovely.

I think when you are really connected with someone, it works.



been playing with it out of curiosity since reading the Richardson's book: I don't like to recommend things we haven't tried. Smile

Obviously, things don't always *stay* soft. Wink But Rediscovered is right that it's surprisingly pleasurable to just do nothing and feel the grow. I suspect the technique would be especially useful for someone getting over performance uneasiness. We think of it as a joint meditation, although we have been known to fall asleep and wake up still connected. So far no earth-shattering phenomena, but we'll keep you posted. Wink