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The Tao of Love and Sex: The Ancient Chinese Way of Ecstasy by Jolan Chang
I got this off a friend's bookshelf. It's an interesting intro to non orgasmic sex for men from the old taoist point of view. Chang mentions karezza but dismisses the practice because it's too passive. He's read Marie Stopes. He recommends sex 3X/day, as many orgasms as a woman may want, and ejaculation 1X/100 sexual encounters involving intercourse. The drawings of women with bound feet is a little disturbing. I'm keeping the volume for it's bibliography.


What's with the foot thing? A friend once told me she made money while traveling in the East by letting men get off on fondling her feet. She said they were all mortified with embarrassment...but a dopamine rush is a dopamine rush...and the Internet wasn't in full bloom there yet.

He said

Chang said one thing that hit really hard and is so true: : "Transition is hell."
As I read this stuff my mind kept going back to everything Marnia and Gary and the Richardson's have said so much clearer and with a truly meaningful focus. I don't care about how a taoist thinks I should kiss or perform a thousand thrusts.


but we gotta hand it to the Daoists. They were the ones who did the best job of preserving the key ideas through thousands of years of downward spiral.

But it is kinda cool to be discovering some modern science that also helps explain.