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I am thinking about starting kegel exercises as they seem to be recommended everywhere for your sex life. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with Kegels?

Still keeping a check on my P use. I have slipped up a couple of times, but I haven't paired it with M or O, so I can't think it's had much of an effect.

Sometimes I wish I could just go on a walkabout in australia, or go and live with one of those isolated amazonian tribes to get away from all of this modern life stuff. Porn, Facebook, Television, I feel saturated by it all.

Just thought I'd pop in to say hi.


You can

Sometimes I wish I could just go on a walkabout in australia, or go and live with one of those isolated amazonian tribes to get away from all of this modern life stuff. Porn, Facebook, Television, I feel saturated by it all.[/quote]

Any reason you can't do those things with enough planning? Any reason you can't eliminate most of the modern stuff? I've eliminated a lot of it and still feel saturated. Some of it is internal perspective and the way other humans who haven't eliminated these things interact with me.

Thanks for popping in

Not sure what the kegels will do. There's one way to find out. Wink I do exercises that seem to cover the same territory.

Frankly, it's not just what we've added to our existences; it's also what's missing. Close, trusted companionship, lots of exercise, time in nature, longer nursing and weaning periods, more touch, contact with tribal elders who pass on their mistakes :-), and so forth. As Gary says, "The reward circuitry is there to help you find good feelings. If you're not getting them from the sources your brain evolved to find, it will find something else." It doesn't realize there can be too much of a good thing.

Wise Words

Wise words as ever Marnia, perhaps you are the tribal elder, and we your Reuniting tribe! I just wish I could go back and say to my young self 'Stop what you're doing and get out there!'. It's funny, because when you start you know what you're doing is wrong, but that thrill is too much of a pull. I guess it doesn't matter what we did, just what we do from now, I'm just glad that more and mroe lost souls find this site and start their own journey into a better life.

As for giving up technology, it's not really practical given the skills I have and the lifestyle I live. I guess a good compromise would be to only use these facets as necessary (obviously the porn facet is NEVER neccessary). As for the wider internet and computers/television, I shoudl restrict myself, because, as you say, too much of a good (or anything) is invariably bad.

Hopefully in the coming years, as we see stories like ours rise, the scientific community will throw the spotlight on what you and other sites like this have been saying for a while. Maybe then instead of being recognised as 'fringe' sites, you'll be pioneers.

Until then lets just continue walking on our journey of self-discovery huh?


Yes, this is a sort of tribe. And some of us *are* elders. Wink But honestly, the important insights about porn have all come from you guys. We've just mirrored them back and listened to what you've learned.

Yes, I do think science is catching up. This group of scientists, at least, thinks there's enough evidence to treat porn as a behavioral addiction.

I'm just hoping the brain sensitivity piece gets a formal stamp of approval soon, because that's the one that really helps you guys take control and steer for your chosen goals. Then a relapse isn't the end of the world.

the kegel exercises are a

the kegel exercises are a great help in strengthening your pelvic floor and understanding the muscles associated with orgasm. when i was first starting karezza with my fiance i would use this technique to keep from orgasm, now it isn't as necessary. the clenching of the pc muscle is helpful in learning how to recognize and control orgasm. but beware. too much attention on this muscle can tire it and negate its purpose. one thing i kind of had to piece together was the combination of breath/contraction/visualization. there are many bits of info on kegels but by combining them ive found more success than with separate pieces.
when breathing in (deeply from the stomach up to the chest) relax the anus and pc muscle. fill the body with oxygen. then when exhaling, contract the pc muscle and anus (but not to the point where it is uncomfortable or you feel other muscles becoming involved) while keeping the rest of your body relaxed.
the effect will be a warm sensation rising up the spine. this is referred to often as the kundalini, the sexual serpent coiled at the base of the spine, as it unwinds from the base chakra and moves up through the heart up through the crown. i have had the most success with this when visualizing this energy spouting from the crown, out and back down to the base, where it is recycled through the body with the next inhalation. doing this exercise for a few repetitions once or twice a day is a good way to get in touch with our inherent sexuality and also becomes a sort of fail-safe when getting too close to orgasm. the muscle can be contracted and semen/energy loss can be avoided.
i hope this helps you. i started practicing this with myself while ridding myself of my own p/m/o addiction. it has definitely helped me re-connect with my sexuality and feel like me and my dick are not two separate entities (an idea that porn addiction had kind of subconsciously instilled).

best of luck my friend