Pros and cons from masturbation without orgasm

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If recovering from ED is it bad to test yourself by masturbating a bit once every week or every couple weeks (without porn or orgasm). Your thoughts?


I say let it be

Not that I've had to recover from ED, but while trying to just recover from my attachment to orgasm and porn, masturbating without orgasm did not help. There are others on the site that practice it and have some success. That being said, those that are successful also seem to be the ones that aren't in recovery anymore, either.

I'm not sure during the phase of recovery that you should be jumping to that. This phase of "celibacy" for me has involved the avoidance of masturbation. And while I've occasionally had a twinge of "oh, is this working, or am I accidentally killing my own libido" there are those passing moments in the morning or in the middle of the night where I'm reminded, naturally, that it is not the case.

But I'm not expert. I'll just advise against it.