Sunlight helps cut kids myopia risks by boosting dopamine levels

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though i post this here... so how does this relate to orgasm/ porn addiction? does orgasm/addiction increases dopamine release at orgasm but causes a long lasting drop in dopamine release- 2weeks cycle? does abstinence produce higher levels of dopamine?

i know i had good vision until i got a computer.... and stopped spending time outdoors..


Exposure to sunlight could be a critical factor in stopping children from becoming short-sighted, Australian researchers have found.

Dr Ian Morgan, of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Vision Science, says there has been a dramatic escalation in myopia rates in East Asia during the past 30 years.

"What children are doing in Australia at the moment seems to be right," he says.

Morgan believes the exposure to sunlight cuts myopia rates by encouraging the release of dopamine.

Dopamine is known to inhibit eye growth and myopia is a condition caused by excessive eye growth.

Morgan says while they will begin experiments to assess this theory, the findings are concrete enough to inform public health policy.

"The findings provide a means of prevention and are enough to start authorities thinking about time outdoors as a public health strategy."

Morgan says a prevention strategy is needed because severe myopia increases the risk of retinal detachment, which can lead to blindness.

He says Singapore faces the serious public health threat of having as much as 10% of its population developing a serious retinal problem later in life.

I've seen this before

- so sunlight is good for us. Makes sense as our ancestors lived outdoors, and didn't use sunscreens or sunglasses.
The dopamine in the eye is referred to as "retinal dopamine". This increase in dopamine is separate (as far as I know) from reward circuitry dopamine.
Although I've seen it suggested in articles that sunlight can activate reward circuit dopamine, I can't find any research to back it up.
It's important to keep in mind that all neurotransmitters and hormones have multiple functions throughout the body. So what a hormone does in a very specific part of the brain has nothing to do with what it does in another part of the brain or in the body.

For example, dopamine in the reward circuit - we say it stimulates craving and desire. This is true. However, just a few millimeters from desire in the reward circuit is dopamine causing dread, or aversion.

To answer your questions:
so how does this relate to orgasm/ porn addiction?
It doesn't, as this is dopamine activated in the eye. But who knows? Getting more sunlight can't be bad.

does orgasm/addiction increases dopamine release at orgasm but causes a long lasting drop in dopamine release
That's what our book and many articles here discuss. The short answer is no one knows.
Here's a place to learn more:

does abstinence produce higher levels of dopamine?
If you mean abstinence from an addiction - it's generally thought that abstinence increases certain dopamine receptors in the reward circuitry, therefore increasing dopamine sensitivity.
This is all explained in the video series
and in many articles on the site: