Porn-Addiction Humor

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I thought it was funny.

When reading the intro to the vid they bill it as "awkward." Why is that? Because our culture doesn't have a healthy outlet for talking about porn, masturbation and real sexual issues. It's all supposed to be hush hush, or talked about with a priest (what would he know?) or a therapist. No one is supposed to contradict the status quo fantasy of sex as "ultimate pleasure that can't ever be addictive or harmful" and something we would all "rather be doing all the time" than any other activity. I thought that writer was brave for publicly admitting to some of the problems he faced when ridicule and insensitivity is almost always a consequence for talking about these kinds of things.

"I asked my doctor about Karezza and now I have an enormous penis!"

I wondered that too,

but I think it might have been a reference to the fact that they were talking over each other, due to the technical problems with the remote interview.

Did anyone see the whole show?