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I'm a male, I had tried this a couple times when i was younger not knowing anything about this site and i only made it about 2 weeks. So here i am now seriously attempting this feat and i am single which can be tough not having support of a partner. But have made it to about 1.5 weeks so far, not much i know but i think i may have some advice that may help others. I have given myself a few rules to follow.

1. Avoid contractions as much as possible, without contractions it's much harder to have an orgasm.
2. Avoid touching/toys on your self parts, if your not touching or toying with yourself you will not be very aroused.
3. Avoid porn, porn will lead to artificial arousal through contractions leading to masturbation, and orgasmic thoughts of sex, which can be very detrimental to your goal.

I will confess i do think of intimate thoughts of karezza, however i still do not touch myself although i rub my pillow a little bit, and i try very hard not to have contractions i still have some here and there, it's hard to try not to have contractions. Is it bad if precum leaks out? I want to try to build up my energy. Do females have contractions like men do that artificially arouse them and push them to orgasm?

1.5 weeks

is an excellent start. Congratulations.

I don't know if there are exact answers to some of those questions. Precum is not, in itself, a problem. What matters is how much something (over)stimulates your brain. Only you can tell that.

Women definitely have contractions, and yes, they are arousing. In fact, on another thread people have just been talking about these. See this discussion about kriyas:

Are you making an effort to meet a potential partner? Wink

I'll enable you to blog.


Some think that the energy can come from conserving your spermies so i wasn't sure if precum was a loss of energy. the kriyas idk if i would consider that as contractions, but idk if it's like what i think it is, it just sounds like a very strong tingling sensation. I was actually thinking about karezza one night and started out of the blue idk why, but i started breathing quick deep breaths from the belly, it produced a very strong tingling/vibration sensation over my whole body, i keep it up for as long as i could, then i bathed in the tingles/vibrations for a good 5 min or so. I ended up doing research and found out it's actually a breathing technique called Bhastrika. Now i'm wondering if this can intensify karezza. I am extremely shy and have not had an intimate encounter or relationship with anyone yet. I'm trying to put myself out there more than before.

We haven't

experimented with any extreme breathing techniques, so I don't know. But I hope you'll let us know what you discover in due course. Wink

BTW, there are lots of energy circulation practices here, which suggest that others have also found similar feelings of wellbeing via the breath + sexual energy: I'll add yours.

Glad to hear you're putting yourself out there a bit more. Are you trying any organized group activities? Let us know of any that you think are promising and we'll add them to this list:

2 weeks

I made it to 2 weeks now i was a little moody the other day but may have been other reasons for it too. I am not having very much trouble with this even living by myself, i have no desire to orgasm knowing how awesome having this energy can and will be especially when i find a partner. My advice to others, think about what leads you to masturbation/orgasm and just avoid doing those things.


I just ejaculated... lmao, idk if i had an orgasm, and i wasn't masturbating, this was weird, i was asleep and while trying to stay in the dream i was in i could feel it fading away, then it was like i saw these flashes and they happened faster and faster until it seemed like i had left my body or something, idk if this is lucid dreaming some would jump to saying that right away, but when i go into these states there is nothing physical about the place i go, and i do not have regular dreams of physical places that i take control of, so i think this is different. So i get this sense i'm here again it's happening, i've had about 6 of these now, i call them, spiritual experiences. All of a sudden i'm flying along these pairs of images/lights like it's my path, i don't think i could make out what the images/lights were, i was moving so fast, i could feel my legs drag behind me as i went in a screwdriver motion, like a rollercoaster, and after a few moments i just started having contractions and i my semen went overboard onto my bed.

Sooo idk if i'm starting from day 0 again or to continue where i left off. There were a couple girls i was hanging out with in the dream but it was nothing sexual, they wanted me to find something in this store, the strong paper plates for a party, the dream was fading before i could find them. I don't feel much different than i did before i went to sleep, i still have no desire for orgasm or porn, and i'm hoping i didn't lose the energy i built up just because i had an ejaculation, but damn a lot came out lol... i've been relating these experiences to being spiritual and i think it's guiding me somehow, perhaps i had built up sperm and not converted it to energy? The point of my experience could have been to make this obvious to me, without hindering my recovery from orgasm/porn. So for my recovery my count still stands at 2 weeks as far as i'm concerned, and i guess you could say i didn't expend the little energy i had converted, but i lost a lot of potential energy that i failed to convert.

yeah your right

i read a little bit about the energy stuff, one person mentioned sperm that gets converted into energy is either reabsorbed or dumped, so perhaps i actually converted the energy while in a spiritual state, my full consciousness in spirit would know what it's doing, far more so than i with only the knowledge of this life. Although it seems to be better if you can manage to reabsorb it, i don't know how well i could perform yoga while sleeping, making the other the only option according to this source.

"Once the semen has had the essence taken into Ojas, it can either be reabsorbed into the body through certain yogic practices or it can be discarded from the body" -