Pre-menstrual arousal of women

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I was wondering if you can explain the arousal of women before menstruating. I understand the arousal at the time of ovulation as a biological impulse for procreation but don't have a reasonable explanation for such arousal just before the onset of menstruation.

I always have a theory...

even if it's my husband will tell you. My theory on this one is that our hormones are especially tumultuous at that time and so our judgment is a bit off. It's a time to be particularly clear about your goals.

One thing is for's an old phenomenon. Did you see this chapter from an old book by a doctor:

What's your theory?


pre menstruation arousal

I have something to add to this. While studying natural birth control I learned of a phenomenon called "lunar ovulation". When the moon is in the same position as it was at a female's birth she can sometimes have an extra ovulation. THis is why a lot of women practising the rhythm method or on the pill get pregnant and can't understand why. For me, my so called "lunar return" happens just before my period (my cycle is very in sync with moon cycles). Hence I get very horny and lubricate as much as I do whilst ovulating. It's actually by watching out for "fertile mucus" (the clear stretchy type that helps sperm swim up the cervix) and any heightened arousal that I can know exactly when I'm ovulating. Very useful - girls should be taught this in high school...along with non orgasmic sex texts! Apparently some women can ovulate up to 3 times in a month. These are the ones that seem to have extraordinary fertility. This is also why doctors often can't predict birth dates correctly - they based conception dates around the one-ovulation-a-month. I think this is all very helpful knowledge on the non orgasmic path. There is so much we don't know about our bodies, particularly women.

pre menstruation arousal

Hello Bunchletina,

I have since come across this information too. After which I checked the phase of the moon at my birth time. It was almost full.

I have since concluded that I have two ovulations yet not always. This is confirmed as you mentioned by the mucus which is so similar to ovulation happening shortly before the onset of my period.

This does make me wonder about the due date of my boys as my eldest was born two weeks early and youngest 1 week early.

I am wondering where you got this source of information. Maybe I read about it connected to the red tent movement.

Grateful for your input


Thanks for sharing that. You are right that we need to educate each other better. That's one advantage of having sex so openly discussed these days.