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Hi. My wife has 35 days of pregnancy of our second child. We are very happy, because it is something we had been looking for a few months. In general, her sexual desire is lower than mine and this has been particularly notorious during recent weeks, during which she has her libido very low.

Since the beginning of this year I have begun to keep statistics about my daily sexual habits, in order to analyze and draw conclusions about my sex life. During these two long months, I have observed the following:
- 20% of the days we had sex. In almost all cases she has had an orgasm and I has ejaculated.
- 60% of the days I has masturbated, almost always watching pornographic videos on my cell phone. In all these cases I have controlled me, preventing ejaculation. These masturbation sessions lasted between 10 minutes and 3 hours and usually have a frequency of 1 time per day.
- 30% of the days I have not had any sexual activity.
- Most of the time I have seen attractive to prevent ejaculation. Only very occasionally, at times of high sexual excitement, my mind has found attractive the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčejaculation.

21 days ago was my last sexual intercourse with ejaculation with my partner. And 8 days ago was our last relationship in which I could hold my semen. This means that during the last 21 days I have not ejaculated.

In recent days I've been analyzing my behavior in relation to my habit of masturbation without ejaculation. What I saw was that I use this practice to keep my energy active and to feel good in many of the days when I have not sexual activity with my partner. When I start to feel a little low on energy I masturbate without ejaculation. After that I feel better and with more active energy.

Addition to all this, almost every day I practice a technique for circulating my energy through the chakras called kriya yoga. With this I feel I can spiritualize my energy and my will to prevent my ejaculation.

I want to ask your opinion about my habit of frequent masturbation without ejaculation and if you consider ir can be harmful in some way. Thanks in advance for your attention and opinion.

I'm curious

why you asked this question. You must be noticing things yourself that make you wonder. In general, I would say that what you notice about yourself is what is most important.

Based on years of listening to men recovering from too much Internet porn, I will share with you that today's porn is like nothing your ancestors' brains ever encountered. It's extremely addictive for many users, and the symptoms aren't easy to connect with porn use at first. You may want to read "Intoxicating Behaviors: 300 Vaginas = A Lot of Dopamine" for some details. Or, if your ear is tuned to American English, watch my husband's video presentation:

While it seems to you that watching porn is easing your sexual frustration, the chances are good that it's actually making it worse. This is explained in the links I included above. This has to do with the neurochemical dopamine, which is released in the brain in response to stimulation. It's the cause of that "Got to get it!" feeling.

Some men get so hooked on this feeling of high dopamine, that they "edge" for hours (masturbate to porn, without climax). They don't want to orgasm because it ends their "drug trip." Eventually they often lose interest in sex with their mates, because a mate (unlike Internet porn) isn't constantly novel and doesn't require constant, exciting "seeking" behavior (both of which get dopamine pumping in the brain). This is a "worst case" scenario, but since you asked...

If you don't mind a suggestion that might increase feelings of satisfaction even during your wife's pregnancy, have a look at this article. "The Lazy Way to Stay in Love" Daily bonding behaviors are likely to be more soothing than today's hyperstimulating porn.

Let us know what you learn. Feel free to start a blog if you like.

Good luck to you both. I know this is a challenging time for you.

I was developing an addiction without knowing!


Hi. I posted this question because I felt somewhat uneasy with this situation. First, because I observed that frequent masturbation was becoming a routine in my life, without which I thought I could not feel good. And second, because I felt that somehow I was failing my wife.

Your answer and the study of the information contained in the links that you shared with me, took me to the conclusion that at the bottom of it all was the fact that it was developing an addiction to the dopamine that is released when I came near to ejaculation when I masturbate. Now I think this reality was disguised with two arguments created by my mind to improve the presentation of things: 1) I need frequent masturbation to keep my energy active in periods that I don't have sex with my partner, 2) I need masturbation to feel good, to don't feel depressed.

During the last 8 days I've stayed completely away from any form of masturbation. Due to my partner's pregnancy, I have not had sex with her. Thanks to this, today I completed 28 days without ejaculation and 8 days without experiencing the dopamine that is generated when approaching ejaculation. I continued with my daily practice of kriya yoga.

These days I'm feeling very good. I had been very loving with my partner and usually with other people. Also, I felt very good in general. I think the two myths that have been mentioned before are disappearing. Yoga has helped me keep alive my energy and I could feel very well without masturbation and sexuality.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your message, which has been extremely useful to see the things with objectivity and clarity and to give a better orientation to my life.

Sounds like

you're working things out for yourself. When it comes to sex, we *all* fool ourselves now and then. It's a powerful drive and it has a mission. It doesn't want a fine specimen like you out of the action.;-)

I hope you can find a way to connect with your wife with physical affection on a regular basis, even if you don't have conventional orgasmic sex as often. It will help keep you both in balance.

You may find this man's post inspiring. This one was written when HIS wife was pregnant: Here's the Seasonal Celibacy article, too:

Thanks for your post. Glad the material was useful. Let us know how it goes.