ejaculation without orgasm?

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So, orgasm creates undesireable chemical reactions, but ejaculation without orgasm doesn't?

Can a guy release semen once a year or so with no ill effects? Does this happen on purpose or just happen?

I had a dream once in which I experienced a great orgasm, woke up immediately and there had been no release of semen - so not a 'wet' dream, but did my chemicals get released, the undesireable ones?

Read some literature once that a male can ejaculate (the word used was ejaculate not orgasm) in the spring, a few times even, it is healthy even good to avoid stagnation, but in no other season, especially winter. What do you think of this?

What is your experience afterward?

What really counts is your experience, and what you observe about yourself and your relationship. If you notice emotional separation creeping into your relationship after orgasm, with or without ejaculation, then you probably did suffer a dopamine surge. I wish I could be more helpful.

I'll share my experience, in case it's of interest. For years I read sacred sex texts that insisted that orgasm is not a problem for women because we don't lose semen. Yet it turned out that these texts were not correct, because the issue was a brain chemical high/low surge, not semen loss.

Even before my husband found the brain research that explained the situation, my closest female friend and I had (regretfully Lol figured out the truth for ourselves. Make your own observations.

My husband's experience is that he has had an unintentional ejaculation about once a year. We're not sure why. We laughingly call it "spring cleaning." He notices some change in outlook afterward, but usually the emotional friction is pretty mild. We're just observing and learning, too.

Ejaculations for Spring Cleaning

This a slightly different situation but I would really value your comments. My partner had a vasectomy reversal last year in the hope we could start a family one day. The surgeon told him to have as many ejaculations as possible to clear out old dead sperm so everything could start functioning again. This was an bit of an issue at the time as our usual practice was to make love everyday but only orgasm once a week or less (we have been involved with the work of Barry Long for many years). After trying to 'up the ejaculations' (I remember begging him to start masturbating to give me a break!) with uncomfortable side effects that were very prominent to us, we went back to our loving ways, knowing that it would take much longer for him to become fertile again. Indeed the last test showed his vas are still blocked.

I thought that the wait might be somehow 'right' and we introduced acupuncture to try and help things along. Then we read your book. For me I saw that my highs and lows (even cravings for babies and doubts about my partner's suitability as the father of my children) could very well be a result of those 'infrequent' orgasms.
We are now committed to giving up orgasm altogether (I have had a shock at how addicted I am to it, the withdrawal is acutely uncomfortable for me...less so for my partner). So I'm not sure that he will ever 'clear his tubes' and this decision to not have orgasms basically amounts to giving up ever having children (with him at least..of course the more we love like this the more unthinkable it is to ever leave him). I am 29 and my partner is 50 and we love each other extraordinarily deeply after 5 years together (greatly aided no doubt, by hundreds of hours of non orgasmic loving between the orgasmic ones).
Do you have any comments about this? I am quite troubled about the weight of the decisions I'm making for my future, but have no doubt about the truth of the love and deep peace I experience in my man's arms.
Thank you for your very important work in this area. You are truly serving humanity.

Does age make a difference?

I am 29 and my partner is 50. He seems to find giving up orgasm a pleasurable step. I am squirming on a bed of hot coals (metaphorically speaking!). All day long I am aware of tension in my vagina and haven't been able to get beyond 2 weeks without orgasm. Do you think that being younger makes this harder? Does nature only intend for us to do this as we get older and slow down -having sown our wild oats. (I know this sounds pretty weak! But I'm letting this thought out to see if it's true or not as it's an idea that haunts me)
I'd like to hear from people younger than 35 or those who have met them that are doing this and are happy, healthy and balanced.
I have walked this path before from ages 17 - 23 when I had a partner my own age. for the last 3 years of our 5 years together we had orgasms very infrequently (once every 3-4 months) We were with spritual tantric master Barry Long who recommended this in great detail. We both ended up very unhappy and uptight and eventually had to part in order to let out the incredibly pent up sexual energy that was in it's first flush and demanding it's day. This broke my heart as I loved him dearly. Does anyone have anything to say about this? Or Might it be true that the less you orgasm the the more devastating the effects when you do?!! Is there any research that backs this up?