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I'm 34 years old and have tried various experiments in the past, such as 14 days, 30 days. I have done 14 days non-ejaculation various times. The effects I experienced are:
-feeling more natural confidence
-more charisma
-less sleep yet feel energetic
-less laziness, can get more things accomplished
-people like to talk and chat with me more
-noticed a few girls on street giving me an admiring look
-muscles on upper body gets really toned after 1 week (no extra exercise!!)
-a general well being inside

I have found that I masturbate to cure loneliness. I'm a fairly reserved person, and sometimes feel lonely. I have had many girlfriends in the past but not in a relationship at the moment. Kind of looking for the right girl, not just dates or flings. I rarely look at porn, but I look at pictures of pretty or decent looking girls online, as a motivation to 'this is the type of girl I like for my gf" kind of thing.

After ejaculation, I usually feel low energy, shallow breath, weak legs (no energy in legs to walk long dist), DEPRESSION, low confidence, worry, FRUSTRATION, don't have the feeling to connect to others (prefer being alone), weak voice, big appetite.

This time I'm going to do a 60 day to see how it changes my life.
The triggers I have to watch out for the most are -
LONELINESS/ BOREDOM : I will try focus on something productive to do
DEPRESSION : I will try letting things be, release negative thoughts and focus on positive, or listen to music or watch a youtube movie
LUST : It's ok, but don't lose your mojo over it! Maybe enjoy that pulling power but transmute the energy into something else - like focus on a goal.

On 28th March I had a migrained and used mtb to relieve the pent up heat in my head. So my first day was 29th March. Today would be my 2nd day. I will try to report everyday to keep a record of progress.

That's a bold plan

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Thanks for sharing the benefits you notice and what the drop in energy feels like.

Sounds like you already have good skills for mood regulation, but you might find a few more to experiment with here: http://yourbrainonporn.com/tools-for-change#tools

What are you doing to meet new potential mates? Trust me, you're a hot property!

Hi Marnia, currently i'm not

Hi Marnia,

currently i'm not doing anything to get a new mate. Sort of been busy with work and finding accomodation. I will be moving to the city center soon, so it will give me more opportunity to meet more people.


just registered to post this.
I felt more or less the same things as you.

Check Castaneda. You can find his books anywhere on the net, below link is my full compilation.

If you into saving energy this might help. You definetely need a goal - just stopping sex does not get you much ahead.
But he is offering something different.

You will have to work your balls off however.

Anyways this is the way and sex makes no sense so no choice here.

What`s the point in sex when it makes you weaker? Or love? lol

Drop this crap and face death while you still can. The whole game will be over way too soon.

And the problem is in the head - our minds. You have to fight there.

Self-reflection - this has to go.

Damn I am thinking if I have to post this at all :)

Just go thru the books - you can only win.

Hi all, just to update what

Hi all,

just to update what happened since I last posted. Well, I slipped and slipped - usually mtb 1x or 2x a week during this period. What happened?

1) I have moved to a new city, away from home, for my new job. It's been lonely and I lived far away from the city, so I dont meet many girls or have contact with many available girls. When I feel lonely and hopeless, I tend to mtb. It's like my brain was telling me, "what have you got to save it for? Just waste it". I can;t believe im saying this but i had been watching some porn to feel the missed connection with women.

2) Also, financially after moving to this new city, had been challenging. I had many very late night sleeps, not enough sleeps, and just feel like crap the next day. When I feel like crap, I tend to mtb to try to push my energy up to feel better - but you all know what happens after ejaculation, its the other end of the spectrum.

As a result from that, I felt social anxiety. It's like my body doesnt have enough energy to function within society. No energy to interact. After a day at work just feel like need to go to rest. NOTE: I noticed that on many occasions, even if I don't mtb, I can feel this social anxiety if I just lack sleep or sleep late the day or two before. JUst the lack of sleep and stress can cause the same problem! I think it's something to do with hormone and energy level.

But today, I;m remembering the benefits of no ejaculation. I havent ejaculated since 2 days ago (April 29) and I'm aiming to see how far I can go this time.

One STRANGE thing I remembered is that I have had several strange incidents when I successfully abstain from ejaculation for 2 weeks.

1) There was one week that I won several hundred dollars EVERY TIME I played at the casino. In that week, in a total of about 4 visits, I made $1700 total of extra cash. The worst time to play in casino is on the day after ejaculation.

2) Women starts to want to know me - even on the internet and dating sites! It's like, when I dont ejaculate for 2 weeks, I feel very good about myself, and attract these women to be interested in me. Once in 2009 December, after 2 weeks of non-ej, I emailed this girl who posted a job ad on a forum, I said I liked her photo and wanted to be her friend. She was really pretty and a nice girl - really gf material. We emailed each other every day. And few weeks later we met, and she was really receptive and nice with me. On the first date, I touched her hand and she let me. After that, she smsed me EVERY day to ask "how was your day?" etc. Then few weeks later, one day she came to my house, we watched tv and end up having sex.

Anyway, today is my day #3, i'm gonna be really disciplined this round.

Rule 1: If I see pictures of beautiful and sexy girls, it is ok to admire, but no mtb. If mtb, catch yourself and stop. No ejaculation is the purpose.
Rule 2: If tired, go to sleep.
Rule 3: If stressed or frustrated, read inspirational books which I enjoy.

My motto is, "if you're stressed/frustrated/depressed, losing more energy only makes it worse!"

I m still on track today. I

I m still on track today. I think it's my sixth day. Feeling kinda horny sometimes lol, especially before sleep at night. Noticed I got more charisma and energy . Yesterday in a foodcourt the young girl cashier asked me which country I was originally from and was real friendly to me. Saw another girl on street that walked passed and turned her head to give me a glance.

Hang in there! You can do

Hang in there! You can do it. I am currently at day 29, first time ever gone this long. I find that there are some tough days, the balls might ache a bit, or an even deeper ache, but it will pass. For me, I find some relief with a bit of very careful stroking, just feel and relish your masculinity, but stay well out of the red zone. If you know your body well, and have good self control, you can release a tiny bit from the prostate, without getting out of control. I think that this is ok, and does not at all take away from the strength, energy and feelings of well being you will continue to enjoy. To feel the pure male energy every day, and strong masculinity is absolutely uncomparable. I have often thought of this throughout life, but it has taken years to first of all find this wonderful and supportive site, and figure out a way to implement it within a marriage. My wife and I are working with karezza, but for various reasons, there are often many days that we don't exercise this avenue, and thus my input re: self-karezza, sort of. Hang in there, post as often as needed, we will all help you as we can.