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First off, thanks for the site and the materials here. I've been exploring here for the past couple weeks, and it seems that a genuinely helpful community has been built here. Words of wisdom and new perspectives will be gratefully absorbed. I'm here because my concern for my well-being grows as I steadily feel worse both physically and emotionally.

I am desperate, so I'm going to commit to halt my porn use and masturbation.

I've been given more than enough for a wonderful, productive life. But for years now, I've been prone to depressive states and constantly without energy.

This year I started troubleshooting. I gave up weed without effort, and cigarettes with considerably more effort. I didn't plan or notice it, but I've stopped caffeine as well. I did not feel any acute immediate effects of cessation, but there were slower changes. I lost a degree of mental sharpness, feel even more fatigued, and have lost any drive to do anything. I haven't hung out with my friends in weeks, and find it hard to answer the phone. I have been a lifelong musician, but I haven't touched my instruments. I've had zero cerebral pleasure lately.

I've given these changes months, and I'm sure it's not withdrawal. I've returned to baseline without my medication. The habits I gave up were compensating for the high tax of another. I had an idea of what was draining me, and tried hard not to acknowledge it.

I had known about prolactin and oxytocin spikes after orgasm. I was reluctant to, but I looked for more information about prolonged effects of orgasm on hormones and neurotransmitters. That's what led me here. It seems I have been on a very long dopamine binge. I felt deflated the more I identified with the information here, but also relieved when I finally confronted it.

Anyways, I've gone a few days without masturbation now. I observed one thing today that really unnerved me. I opened some porn and despite my brain's response, there was no response from the rest of my body. No change in respiration, heart rate, no bloodflow to the penis. I kept paying attention to my body, and I realized that nothing would happen if I didn't start manually stimulating. It has been like this for a while. My body has been begging for a break.

I'm sorry for my pity party, internet strangers. I hope I can add another success story to the collection here.

Ha, dude - no pity party

Ha, dude - no pity party Smile You're just acknowledging what it sounds like may well be the reality. This whole PMO thing has a whole range of effects from physical to subtle psychological. Of course that doesn't mean that everything you go through is caused by it, but I and many others here have been surprised by how much the PMO has been affecting things in our lives.

I was trying to figure out why I was lackluster with women. I explored giving up sugar, getting plenty of exercise, getting a job I felt proud of, trying to have hobbies that I thought might make girls think I was cool, learning martial arts, working out, thinking more positive thoughts, a whole raft of possible causes. None of it really moved the needle at all. After stopping PMO for 5 days I was like a different man. Then there's been a long period of resensitization which is still going on, but is definitely moving the needle. In short, nothing else made a difference at all, this made a huge difference. You may well find similar results, but even if not, it's definitely worth a try Smile

Welcome Smile

You're very welcome It

You're very welcome Smile It sounds like you have a great attitude and an intelligent approach to this. Both of those will help greatly.

I've had no PMO for 46 days now, and I'll try and distill what I've seen so far into a few words : When you remove a source of pleasure from the brain, it is like taking away the leg of a table - the whole thing becomes rocky and unstable. The brain really has two options - one, to make you hurt like hell in every way it can think of to 'encourage' you to put the table leg back again, or two, to accept that the table leg is really gone, and figure out how to rebalance without it. Of course, it tries option one first Wink Then after a while it starts to get to work on option two, all while still trying option one in the meantime. Eventually, it seems like the brain rebalances, giving up on option one, and fully succeeding at option two. Looks like it probably takes 2-3 months. I'm through the worst of it - the P and MO urges have pretty much gone, and I'm getting into real women again. I can't claim I've gone the whole distance yet, but yeah, things are amazingly different, even if they don't feel satisfactorily balanced yet..


Have you visited There are a lot of resources there.
If not, watch Your Brain On Porn Series, It will give you the basics.

You may want to chcck out - withdrawal symptoms:

And - What benefits do people see as they reboot?

Good luck