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I have read that the use of a chastity device, which prevents orgasm with or without a partner, assists the person, especially the male, to be more loving, attentive, caring, toward the partner. It is suggested that being continually horny and sexually under the control of your partner, produces these results. It sounds interesting to have a couple both wear chastity devices which only the partner can release you from. Therefore neither can masturbate nor have an outside sexual relationship.
I'm new here so this may have been discussed in the past. If so, will someone please direct me.

Hi Jules,

Our site doesn't recommend chastity devices and we really don't know much about them. Some of our visitors have brought the subject up...and one guy used one for a while to help end a masturbation addiction.

We focus on a natural approach to sex in which partners focus more energy on bonding behaviors than getting to orgasm. It's not about forcefully suppressing orgasm by any means. The chastity device visitors seemed to use the device as a fetish for heightening arousal - which is quite a different angle.

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