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Hey All,

I'm a first time poster but I have been coming to this site since day 1 to day 100 of no PMO. I wanted to just thank you all for your blogs and honesty, because your stories made me feel that I'm not fighting this battle alone.

It has been a very difficult journey with ups and downs. I have been using porn since I was 12 to now as a 25 year old and have used it as an escape from the stresses of my life. I have never dated and often times porn was my escape from the realization that I wasn't popular with the ladies. I went on this abstinence because I was tired of being alone, my commitment to serving others in my fellowship, and the damage I was doing to my relationship with God.

I am still tempted everyday, but I now have the strength to walk away and fight these urges. Often times I think of how much easier it would be to just give in and answer the call to self degradation, but I go on with the hope that a relationship with a real woman is so much better.

Thank you all once again, you guys and gals are real heroes for making this change in your lives, and you are a real inspiration to me. Best of luck and I hope to meet many of you in the forums.

-The Preliator


One of the lurkers. Wink

Thanks for speaking up and congratulations on your progress. Well done! *sound of bells and whistles*

Sounds like you're ready to start reaching out. What are you doing to meet the ladies? Smile

Thank you also for all your

Thank you also for all your support. You really should be commended for the hundreds of thousands of guys you help out through this site.

Unfortunately for me I have never really developed skills like flirting. I recognize it when I see it but it's really hard for me to give off signals that I'm interested in someone at least in a fun friendly way.

Because of my position in school and in my career I have to be a social person with everyone both male and female, but other than starting a friendly fun banter I'm a bit ill equipped to pursue a girl romantically. Any advice?


something like speed dating would be good. That way, there's no confusion about *why* you are there. Smile I think it's also good to ask people to set you up with people they think you might like. Women love the role of matchmaker, and even if they get it wrong (which they usually do...) you'll get some practice. And one of the dates may be able to connect you with the right goddess. In any case, with just a little experience comes increasing confidence.

There are also ideas for meeting people here: (also see list at bottom of that page).

If you just cast out your net, I think you'll hook someone. Women are getting mighty lonely for you guys because so many of you have been trapped with your nose to your monitors. Wink

Let us know what you try, because a lot of other are in the same boat.