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Hey Everyone,

I am new to this site here.
Very inspiring people on here like Zendel who gone without a orgasm for three months wow, if you can do it I'll try my best to do it, GOD willing I at least go without masturbation for two weeks or three weeks, I don't care of the withdrawals or if I am anxious or depressed I want to feel these emotions head on and be in control.

I didn’t masturbate last time for 7 days then I slipped far out it was amazing.
The confidence I had wow. I felt like I was really connected with people why waste my spirit for a quick fix.

Please god help me!!!

I pray I don't sleep

I have a calendar on my wall two weeks at least please without masturbation

Wish me luck and pray for me,

Hello moss12, I didn't care

Hello moss12,

I didn't care about the withdrawals either but they do hit hard. For me (so far) Day 3 was rough.
It is now the morning of Day 4 for me and I feel much better today. Stay focused on your goal as
I and others are doing. You can handle it! Take pride in yourself each day you mark another success
on your calender and take it day by day. Each day marked is a triumph! Wishes of luck and a prayer sent your way.

Hey Moss!

Just so you know, it's not unusual to need a few attempts to get some real traction with this transition, so be gentle with yourself. Each effort helps rewire the brain, so even if you have to start again, don't worry about it.

It's great that you noticed benefits when you cut back. That strengthens motivation!

Remember, the goal isn't just to get your prayer answered on your terms. You're actually learning a lot about how your body/brain works and developing your inner balance and self-control. Those will help you throughout your life, so even you have to work at this for a while, the outcome will be worth it.

Start a blog if you like.

*big hug*

6 months for dopamine brain

6 months for dopamine brain balance? Going to be some unhappy campers here.

The videos on codependency are interesting. Codependency as an obsession / basis for connecting with someone that shields one from vulnerable parts of the self.

recovery time is unknown

I do not know where she came up with the six months. Maybe it's from her observations of behavioral changes in her clientel.

There is absolutely no brain science on recovery times from porn or sexual addictions. In fact, there are no time-frames for recovery from addictions to natural rewards, such as - gambling, food, sex, video games.

There are also no standard measurements of brain functioning for before addiction and after recovery for any addiction. Many changes occur in addiction just to the dopamine system, however, multiple other systems and chemicals are affected by addiction. Tests on cocaine addicted monkeys suggest that some dopamine receptors (D2) return to baseline after a month, but others don't (D1). But that's cocaine.

In addition, recovery times will depend on the severity of the addiction, how long someone has been using, their age, and the state of their brain when they started.


That's quite a quotation. I've long believed that (after learning it the hard way), but I had never seen that quotation.


Red Eagle have are you

Red Eagle have are you doing?
I am so happy. I gone a week without masturbation or porn.
I feel like I am getting stronger every day. I am trying to reach a week. I have to say its not getting easy the withdrawal symptoms are very hard to bear the urge is very powerful it's not worth it one bit to masturbate with porn.

I am trying to recover my lost dopamine by eating lots of healthy food and chocolate and banana and exercise and meditation, I so need to recover my lost dopamine. I am aware of myself that I can focus even though with sexual thoughts I can cope and in no way going to let take me or make me masturbate. I am not in control of the subconscious thoughts but will not let that control me.

Great job, Moss!


What do you find helps most with the withdrawal symptoms?

The dopamine will take care of itself as you "rest" your brain, but a healthy diet does ease cravings a bit for most.

Marnia, I feel sad sometimes


I feel sad sometimes for give up porn.
The brain is giving me signals as I am missing out on something big.
Yesterday I nearly fell for the trap. I stumbled across a porn video on my laptop and I thought look at it no harm in it immediately I noticed the adrenaline kicking in and the primitive brain wanted to feel pleasure. I quickly closed the video and went back to sleep. I couldn't sleep at all yesterday so I done about 27 pushups and went back to bed the brain full of lustful thoughts after the porn episode but I just tried to sleep. The day 12 it would be without orgasm for me.
My brain also telling “hey buddy you slipped by watching the porn, now binge on porn” I only looked at the video for 5 secs. I never visited porn videos or anything for a week.

Marnia my brain is just telling "hey moron your leaking sperm you going to have wet dream anyways you might as well watch porn pleasure yourself" I guess I just have to watch these thoughts without judgment.

Brain is telling me hey your leaking sperm but when I go and take a look there is nothing. I guess it’s just mind going nuts more than anything else

Even if you were

leaking sperm (which guys say stops after they get through the withdrawal), it would be no reason to strengthen that old pathway in the brain with another binge.

It's amazing how those cues (the pop-up) are so powerful, isn't it? And the effects linger, making you restless and sad. As for the sadness, see if this FAQ helps: "Why am I feeling so sad about giving up porn?"

Meanwhile, protect your computer from those ads:

I'm sorry you're having such a rough day. Unfortunately, it's normal to spend some time in the pits. Sad Did you read this page?

*big hug*

Hey Marnia thanks for

Hey Marnia thanks for checking up on me.
I passed three weeks.
Urges are still there. I am really horny.
But the porn images have been faded.

I feel like a different person. I don't want to masturbate and watch porn till two months for balanced brain.
I am not going to say I'll not watch porn, I am afraid I might relapse.