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The longest I have ever gone without masturbating was from late October to early January of this year so I'd say about two months and two weeks. I noticed that when my body was used to going longer without it, my body could handle going longer without it. Here are some of the things that have triggered a "need" for an orgasm for me:

1. Stress.
2. Feelings of guilt or worthlessness.
3. Feelings of loneliness or isolation.
4. Feelings of failure or feelings of inadequacy.
5. Feeling unloved.

A lot of times what triggers my desire is not actually related to sex at all. It's not an issue of desiring sex. It's an issue of wanting a drug essentially, one that I'm used to and one that can give me a false sense of being loved.

Right now, not orgasming is extremely difficult and frustrating. My body is having a very hard time and I feel like I need to start over with aiming for a week, then two weeks, etc again. Haven't quite decided what to do yet though.

In the same boat


I've been trying to give up masturbation for two or three months now. I haven't got time to write much, I've been meaning to blog about it for ages, but life has taken over a bit. Like you I felt I was using it like a drug and like you I'm finding that the longer I go without M the longer I can cope. At the start I was managing 2 days, 3 days and then giving up, masturbating, and then deciding to try and give up again almost immediately. Then I managed two weeks, then three. I'm back on week one but finding it easier than ever.

Like you stress was one of my biggest triggers, although boredom was another one. I've been trying to find activities that make me feel good to fill up my time and that helps too. Keeping a reccord of how I have felt each day, and when I have masturbated has helped me massively too. Also being a courtly companion on this site and having a personal connection with others who are struggling with similar problems.

Keep trying. You'll feel the benefits.

Hugs, Katten