Sex without a condom is good for you, according to a study

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"HAVING sex without a condom is good for your mental health, according to controversial research conducted by a leading Scottish psychologist.
Professor Stuart Brody concludes that unprotected heterosexual sex can significantly boost men and women's mental wellbeing.

Conversely, Mr Brody claims that heterosexual sex with a condom is associated with poorer mental health, problems with dealing with stress and even conditions such as depression."

A recent claim about the benefits of semen from unprotected sex on women's health got somebody into trouble, apparently. But it is apparently true.

However, if the above study shows beneficial effects on BOTH men and women from unprotected sex, there must be something more than just semen absorption. Do men absorb fluids from women that affect their own mood? Or is there something else to it?

Who knows?

But the unspoken assumption is that *sperm* are what provide the benefit. Why not greater intimacy? Greater trust (deeper bonds)? The exchange of electromagnetic charges, as the ancient Daoists believed? The hormones and other substances in vaginal lubrication and pre-cum (or other ingredients of semen)?

It would be great to know more.

I'm pretty convinced that

I'm pretty convinced that there is some form of electromagnetic connection here. It can't be simply down to hormones in semen or vaginal lubrication (although I'm sure they play some role). Maybe the Daoists were right, and that there is some exchange of these fluids which act as some form of electrolytic medium?

I agree. I'd like some further insights.

Here's one professor with an open mind

commenting on some other Brody research that showed benefits from sex.

University of Paisley researchers in the UK had people keep diaries that included sexual activity. Then they asked participants in the study to give speeches, in order to induce acute stress. Those who had penile-vaginal intercourse during the days preceding the speeches were less stressed and their blood pressure returned to normal faster than those who had engaged in oral sex or masturbation.

Said Professor Simon Crowe, head of neuropsychology at La Trobe University:

"The physiology of sex is very complicated and one we know surprisingly little about given how much it affects our behaviour. But the different stress responses between penetrative sex and masturbation suggests the biology of one person affects another.

I agree with you~

From my own experience, it sure does *feel* like it has to do with the energy that gets exchanged and I think the fluids are created when you are "in the zone" so to speak. Fun to think about, for sure!


Some interesting remarks

by scientists outraged by the fact that Dr. Greenfield was asked to resign over his semen comment in a Valentine's article.

Speaking for the group, Dr. Steven M. Platek, Ph.D, the editor-in-chief
of /Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience/ and a co-editor
of/Evolutionary Psychology/, offered this analysis:

Frankly, we think people are over reacting to the comments made by
Dr. Lazar Greenfield. There is growing evidence that human semen has
the potential to produce profound effects on women. We have
replicated the effects showing female college students having sex
without condoms are less depressed as measured by objective scores
on the Beck Depression Inventory. We've also examined the data as a
function of whether the students were using hormonal contraceptives,
whether they were in committed relationships, and how long these
relationships have lasted. The anti-depressant properties of semen
exposure do not vary as function of any of these conditions. It is
not a question of whether females are sexually active, since
students having sex with condoms show the same level of depression
as those who are not having sex at all. We have also received
numerous semen testimonials from other women who attest to the
anti-depressant effects of semen exposure and these accounts often
include the use of control trials (i.e., comparisons generated by
switching from condoms to unprotected sex, or vice a versa).

Only 5 percent of the ejaculate is sperm. What's left is seminal
plasma, which is a rich concoction of chemicals, including many that
have the potential to produce mood-altering effects derived from
hormones, neurotransmitters, and endorphins. There are even female
sex hormones in male semen. Within a hour or two after insemination,
you can detect heightened levels of many of these seminal chemicals
in a woman's bloodstream.

But it is also important to acknowledge that there is a dark side to
semen chemistry. The vagina is a very hostile environment for sperm.
During human evolutionary history women couldn't afford to conceive
as a consequence of being inseminated by just any man, and the
presence of semen in the female reproductive tract often triggers an
immune reaction that treats the sperm as a pathogen. Not
surprisingly, semen chemistry has evolved to neutralize vaginal
acidity and suppress the woman's immune system. There is even reason
to believe that because of the immunosuppressant properties of
semen, frequent insemination may compromise the female immune
system. Because there are female as well as male sex hormones in
human semen, there are other reasons to believe that additional
features of semen evolved to promote the reproductive best interests
of the donor. The presence of follicle stimulating hormone and
leutenizing hormone in semen, implies that semen exposure has the
potential to promote induced ovulation.

So interesting~

That piece you posted raises so many questions in my mind about past relationships and my body's reaction to the particular men's semen.

In particular, one man I was with for a very long time had had a vasectomy at a very early age, so all of our intercourse included ejaculation within my vagina.

With this man, I would have a burning, itching, swollen reaction after one round of sex, which meant it was very uncomfortable for me to have any additional sessions with him and I was usually not able to have intercourse for several days. It was during this relationship that I developed an autoimmune disease (I am since recovered from it). Hmmmm...

No problems like that since that particular man, but it does make me think about semen and how our bodies react to it in certain situations~


I am

I am a firm believer that full wet penis in vagina intercourse provides a very important communication medium and that it works both ways – M to F and F to M. Seminal plasma has been found to be a veritable cocktail containing (among other things) potentially mood altering substances and easily absorbed through the vaginal wall. Additionally, the ancient Taoists believed the woman’s vaginal secretions (called Amrita – or “Nectar of the Goddess”) produced during high states of arousal were an extraordinary source of energy. They believed these secretions were absorbed through the skin of the penis during intercourse and a man could effectively draw energy from the woman in this fashion, reaching a higher energy state in this manner than he could by himself.

I believe this bio-chemical and bio-electric two way communication between the man and the women developed through evolution to increase the chances for fertilization and promote pair bonding and thus increase the chances of offspring survival.

As I have related in other posts my wife has a sensitive vagina and when I was ejaculating inside her regularly she had seemingly endless bouts of yeast infections. We went through hell trying to figure it out – even had tests done for semen/sperm allergies. In our search for the cause of the problem we experimented with condoms and also with the withdrawal method. Both of us found intercourse with condoms way less satisfying - like an insulator was in place that prevented intimate connection.

Ironically we have found that since I stopped ejaculating inside her the issue with yeast infections disappeared (has been some years since she had a problem) and we have regular extended sessions of relaxed PIV intercourse lasting up to an hour or more (have watched entire movies while inside her). My wife appears to have no issue with the seminal “plasma” or clear “pre-cum” fluid as I do leak a lot during extended play and it is only the heavy whitish component that accompanies the actual sperm delivery that caused the problem due to its extreme PH/environmental altering characteristics. We very much enjoy “plugging in” and sharing our energy in this way whether it leads to orgasm(s) for her or not. And even though I do not have orgasms any more I find this extraordinarily pleasurable and fulfilling and believe that I do actually absorb my wife’s vaginal secretions through the skin of the penis and there is something in these secretions that promotes extraordinary pleasure/satisfaction. My wife agrees it is the same from her end as well.

There is just something divine/transcendent about the wet PIV connection you just cannot get in any other way. We still engage in various “other” sexual activities but neither my wife nor I seem to get the same level of satiation from them. I think the real “magic” of Karezza is the extended wet PIV allows you to maximize the bio-chemical/bio-electric exchange between partners. Definitely good stuff!

I was also thinking that with “conventional” intercourse typically lasting between two to five minutes (and rarely over ten minutes) before the man reaches orgasm and ejaculates there really is no where enough time to really establish and exploit the bio-electric connection that makes this so wonderful. And even though the woman may be full of the man’s ejaculate and exposed to the full seminal chemical cocktail there is no way the man is going to be exposed to his partner’s vaginal secretions long enough to get much benefit.

It appears to me that the heavy whitish component in semen has constituents that have immediate effects on women such as intra-uterine contractions to facilitate the delivery of sperm from the vagina to the uterus – and elements that trigger the woman’s body to prepare for pregnancy. I was wondering if the chronic exposure to the heavy elements of semen without conception occurring could contribute to woman’s pre/post menstrual symptoms because the body is endlessly preparing for pregnancy that never occurs – and the resulting hormone cycling ultimately responsible for her subsequent perception shift and disconnect with her male partner. Based on my experience with my lovely wife the primary bio-chemical and bio-electric transmission takes place as a result of the seminal plasma and vaginal secretions -and the heavy whitish components delivered with ejaculation/sperm delivery would actually cause a cascade effect that would have negative long term effects on women. Another compelling reason for Karezza? Any thoughts on this?

Good stuff

Virgil, everything you said makes complete sense to me.

Do you have any idea why karezza produces such copious amounts of amrita??? We're amazed at the amount of fluid that gets produced (and we think at least half of it is from him, too). No way would I ever have believed I could engage in lovemaking for hours at a time and remain so juicy the entire time!


There's clearly

a lot more to learn. Thanks for sharing your insights. Make sense. Years ago, when I was first learning this, my yeast infections cleared up, too...even with the occasional inadvertent ejaculation.