Buddhism - teachers and students are welcome!

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I thought it would be interesting to get in contact with other people who know about Buddhism, or would like to know more about it - or even teach me a couple of things. :)

Write about any aspect that interests you, and we'll take it from there.

Chime in, all you lamps in the dark!

Hi Wings

I have been always interested in Buddhism. I have been watching some videos on you tube of Buddhist monks who talk about how to deal with addiction including pornography and masturbation addiction. There is this video uploaded by a Buddhist monk who talks about pornography and masturbation addiction. That video helped me a lot. I will post the link to that video:



Hi Rak,

Thank you for your post and the link. I agree, his videos are very good, and I follow him myself on Youtube - I have learned a lot from his many, MANY videos over the past year or two.

If anyone should be interested, the direct link to the video about masturbation is a good start - however, if you want to understand it completely, I recommend going back to his "Why everyone should meditate"-video series and start from there.


Even I saw almost every video of his. His videos are not only helpful for all who have some sorts of addictions.I have been doing meditation regularly for 2 years now. And now this P and M addiction is getting in the way of my meditation practices. Porn and masturbation addictions are very strong and very hard to break. I hope to succeed one day.