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Hi, I've never blogged about anything before, so we'll see.

I am in a 6 months new relationship and my fella has severe pcd. I have never noticed it before in myself but after reading "Cupid.." I realize there are definite post orgasm effects. Neither one of us is interested in porn at any level. We are just two run of the mill sweethearts. I definitely have a higher libido then him. We have both read the book and are very interested in trying it out. We have started to abstain from orgasm, which is really difficult at this stage. We made it to nine days and then, well, you know couldn't resist each other. He suffered extreme pcd the next day. Another, really serious problem is he has chronic prostatitis. So, regular orgasms help his prostate stay healthy. I feel like we would like to try this process but am a little frustrated with keeping his prostate healthy. When I met him he was on lots of antibiotics and hasn't used them in a few month now. What to do. Thanks.


If he hasn't has the prostatitis in a month...maybe the karezza practice is helping? How can he be sure regular orgasms are improving it? I'd be interested in learning more about this.

I assume you mean "Post-coital depression" by "pcd." If so, the depression is useful information because you now know the cause.

Can you just stick to gentler forms of play for a bit, to give your brains a chance to bounce back? Visit this page for ideas:

Meanwhile, start a blog if you like.