I Wanna be Your Guinee Pig!!!!

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Hello forum, it's been a while since I checked in with a post. I'm currently on day 20 of no PMO. Tying to stop the fantasies as they flow in also. Purpose of this post is to conger up a pool of ideas of the type of questions forum users want answered, and developing the experiment to determine those answers. For example, how does mood swings vary from 1 week to the next. What are the benefits after 5 weeks that you notice. Etc, etc, etc. My challenge is to keep at this till the end of summer ( which I count as September 1st.) Ambitious as it may be, I truly believe it's well within my capacity and capability to whole hearted give this my all and succeed. Please give me questions or things you are interested in knowing. For the next 4 months I'm the lab rat and u guys are wearing the white coats:-).