To reduce desire do the sixth Tibetan Rite

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THe yoga practice the five tibetan rites is known to many. Fewer people know that there is also a sixth rite meant only to be done by those who want to remain celibate and need to sublimate their sexual energy. I have only done the five tibetan rites and am not familiar with the sixth but I have observed in online forums that many people get good results in sublimating their sexual energy the sixth rite in addition. Just thought I´d mention it as many here struggle with their desires.

I think it is VERY important to do the five other rites first. IMO it is often dangerous to do a single technique aimed at sublimation without having a practice of yoga/qigong/meditation that creates overall balance. THe problem is that a sublimation technique will often strengthen certain parts of the body and mind and ignore others. Over time, if you don`t have other technique so the whole body and mind is taken care of in a balanced way, you risk becoming unbalanced in one direction or the other. Anyway, the five rites is a very good yoga practice with profound effects and will in themselves help you out because they will strengthen and balance you and don`t take much time.