Restless legs and masturbation

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New studies have found that masturbation may be a temporary cure for restless legs-syndrome. Here's the link:

I know that this does not apply to me - it is actually a big factor when I think about masturbation, because I sometimes do have RLS, and after masturbation, I get the symptoms far more often than when I don't masturbate (which luckily is most of the time)...

one person

One must watch out for headlines. This has been all over the web. From what I can gather, this was only one man's experience, not a study or research.
Below is a quote from a medical site:

"Now New Scientist is reputable. At the bottom of their articles the journalist references his/her source material but often you have to pay a hefty price to get access to that. Turns out the study was not published in Sleep Science as previously stated but rather in the journal Sleep Medicine. Ok.

So I handed over $30+ dollars to read the study first hand only to discover that I paid that money for a brief letter to the editor of the journal Sleep Medicine – seems like there was no study done. At least the letter was written by Luis Marin from the Federal University of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

In the letter, Marin reported anecdotal evidence about a 41 year old male who had been prescribed pramipexole for RSS which worked well for him. When he was without the medication, either intercourse or masturbation was a “handy” substitute that enabled this guy to sleep without disturbance. (I bet.)

So I think it’s not a hoax – just some sloppy journalism. Just in case, I decided to email Luis Marin as well as Sleep Science – but I haven’t heard anything back yet."

I used to get RLS quite

I used to get RLS quite often. In my case, the cause seems to have been a combination of dehydration and caffeine (which increases dehydration, of course). This was especially true on days I went running, and even worse on days I did yoga--why? because all that stretching causes muscle fibres to rub against each other, which is not a problem if you are well hydrated, but can result in a burning sensation otherwise. Anyway, once I quit caffeine and started drinking a little more water the problem disappeared.

As for masturbation helping such a thing, well, yes, men do get sleepy after orgasm. BUT, if you have any kind of obsessive issues with PMO, masturbation is a far from restful activity. Personally, I sleep much better when i don't do it.

Oh, I'm not buying into this :)

As I mentioned, masturbation often made my RLS worse, so I know from personal experience that this doesn't work, at least for me.

About water and caffeine: it has nothing to do with that in my case. I get it in intervals lasting weeks, and nothing, absolutely nothing, makes it go away. My last girlfriend found it rather annoying that I spent the whole night kicking her while I slept. RLS is really an unpleasant condition.

What does PMO mean? I've been gone for a while, never heard it before.