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For those asking about ED - I guess I used to have pre-emptive ED. That is, I knew I would get ED, especially if I knew I'd need to use a condom, so I wouldn't even go for sex, well actually I wouldn't even pursue a girl. Two months ago, however, I did end up somehow in bed with a hot girl and no erection, which I found humiliating and found my way here. Short story - yeah, probably would have had more ED if I hadn't avoided sex through fear of it.

Thanks again so much to Marnia and Gary, and everyone who has shared their stories/thoughts/wisdom!

This is the path.



for sharing this likeanidiot. It is what many and myself are hoping for. A full recovery. It is reassuring to know of your experience and that if I stay on track I could have similar results. I'm hoping for the same results so much....

Yes, thanks

for airing your love life. It very much helps others.

Glad all is well. So much for the information one reads on ED forums, where experts and 20-year olds are trying to convince each other ED is inevitable starting in one's twenties. *rolls eyes*

You should definetly come

You should definetly come back and say stuff like that - your story was so similar to my own, and seeing your success is total encouragement. It gives me, and I'm sure others, some hope to get past ED.


Congratulations. I had the

Congratulations. I had the same experience after just a week of no masturbation and 3-4 weeks of no porn. It's a great feeling and much safer since I found myself having sex with random girls unprotected just to maintain an erection and possibly come. Now, even with condoms, I have no problem and the arousal level is much higher.

Congrats on your recovery.

Congrats on your recovery. I'm assuming you orgasmed each time (so three in two days). Do you notice any of the delayed feelings after PMO during the same period of time? Just wondering if you can offer a comparison.

The first time I had sex

The first time I had sex after 8 weeks' abstinence was about a week ago. After that orgasm, I felt a few days return of the withdrawal period symptoms. This time, though, I don't know that I'm really getting any of that. I think my brain is adjusting to the new, much lower frequency of orgasm, and has let go of punishing me for depriving it of PMO. A little more time will tell, but for now, I still feel great.

dear brother in

dear brother in cock,

congratz! funny little phrase made me lol. glad to hear your withdrawal symptoms aren't so bad and ED is cured :)