Additonal ways to work with erectile dysfunction

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Seeing that there are so many threads on erectile dysfunction made me think that it was a good idea to start a thread on what other measures one can take to cure it in addition to temporary celibacy.

Testosterone should help a lot shoudn`t it. There are ways to increase testosterone naturally, weight lifting being an important one. Some studies also show that lifting in certain ways such as all you can lift for 2-3lifts is better than 10 lifts. Squats are also supposed to be especially good at boosting testosterone. There are also sets of exercises that are supposed to do a lot to work with male vitality in a general sense. Meaning I guess certain ways of working out that men have found give them a feeling that the whole range of male sex hormones are worked with. When I have read discussions about such routines people normally report a lot of increase in libido and sexual performance. Look into exercise routines like warrior wellness, the royal court and combat conditioning and see what feedback they get or if there are others that seem better for your purpose.

The catch to those methods are that they tend to boost your libido though. That can make celibacy a struggle.

Another thing you can try is this version of the male deer exercise from Ken Cohen:

It made me feel very vital and was very obviously good for sexual performance. I have also been told it naturally draws your sexuality in the direction of the tantric internal orgasm rather than peak orgasms. I never did it enough to verify that but From teh feeling it gave I can say it seems likely. So it should be good for karezza as well. Here is what it is supposed to do:

The dan tien/ pelvic massage stage of the deer exercise massages an acupressure point while exercising the tissue around the vas deferens, and the central erector muscle of the penis. This has the effect of de-sensitizing the glans (taking you off of "hair-trigger" mode), while increasing the bloodflow and sensitivity of the rest of the penis and pelvis. The cupping of, and gentle pressure on the testes, increases blood flow and sperm (and spermine) production. This in turn increases blood and lymphatic circulation, releases beneficial hormones including DHEA, and increases neural development. It can increase both fullness and bouyancy of the erection by strengthening suspensory ligaments and muscles while increasing blood and lymphatic movement in the penis...

The pelvic floor lift tones strengthens the muscles of the penis and the ligaments supporting the vas deferens, increases fertility, and also increases pelvic bloodflow and relaxed sensitivity. It also draws energy from the seminal fluid upward to the spine and brain, and manipulates the vagus nerve, increasing the potential for whole-body orgasm

Together, the two phases of the male deer exercise spread sexual pleasure and energy throughout the body, increasing the potential for whole-body orgasm. By regulating male hormones and increasing bloodflow, they also help to prevent or cure impotence and premature ejaculation, to strengthen the erection, to reduce incidence of prostate disease, and give greater sexual control, endurance, and sensitivity.

It should be noted that along with increasing sexual health, enjoyment, mental clarity, and overall vitality, the exercise increases male fertility and virility. Appropriate precautions should always be taken to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, and the possible transmission of venereal disease!

You can learn more about this version of the Male Deer Exercise in the following books on Qi Gong. The version above appears in Kenneth S. Cohen's The Way of Qi Gong (Forward by Larry Dossey, MD).

Anotehr thing you can work on for sure is opening up energy flow in the pelvic area through yoga/stretching and through toning it in any way feel like exercising that gets the job done. Whenever I have done asanas that influence this region a lot sexual energy flows soooo much easier down there and as a consequence spreads to your whole body easier.

There are also penis exercises that are supposed to hell with erection quality that I think works. Mantak Chias sexual reflexology book has several. Some of them will actually make your penis grow a little bit as well but unless you do it a half hour a day or so long term you don`t have to worry about becoming the next John Holmes. You can also find some of these at That is actually a forum primarily dedicated to penis enlargement but they also have extensive practical knowledge on exercises for penis health so could giuide you on that.

I would also think that TCM would have some herbs for building up erectile quality over the long term and that acupuncture could help.

Hope it helps:)