Anyone On A Masturbation Schedule?

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Has anyone had success with a masturbation schedule? I see Marnia's mentioned it many times, but no one here has said they've really tried it or how it's worked out.

I think I'll give it a try. I just went about 9 days or so without PMO (3rd attempt). This last time was MO only (No porn, only one O, no binge). So, I think I've made good progress from my original average routine of 2 PMO's a day with constant exposure to naked/ provocative women on my computer desktop to going multiple days without PMO. It seems as it's getting easier to handle, but there's still a void I'm always reminded of that comes up from time to time. Especially, when regularly reading this forum as many here already have mates to work with or are actively looking for mates to progress to (or planning to after reboot).

My MO relapse was in bed this morning flipping TV channels through various news stations looking at the anchor women. Do they count as real women? Ha ha. Either way, they're a big step from porn. I could have resisted, but if I were to do it, today was the day as I didn't have anything pressing to get done today (withdrawals were mild after MO). I'll be busy the rest of the week where MO isn't really convenient.

I'm currently in-between-jobs (unemployed) and the stress is high to find a job (and stress is my weakness to giving into PMO). Right now my focus is on wooing, impressing, entertaining hiring managers rather than potential women. Oddly enough, hiring managers and women look for similar qualities, like being confident, assertive, impressive, showing/ proving myself, making 'em think I can perform small miracles every day, etc... Ha ha. Anyway, I'm struggling just to try to convince someone to hire me much less think I can play the field looking for a desirable woman to connect with.

Since this is typically considered a more stressful time than usual for most people, I'm thinkin' I need to be realistic and consider a masturbation schedule of sorts. I'm not sure about set times per say, but probably when the stress starts to build up and I'm on the edge of keeping my sanity. This last MO was really because today was a breather day before I'm busy again all next week. So, I'll experiment and see what works out. Right now my thinking is to go at least several days and MO only (no porn) if/ when the urge arises and dependent on where I stand stress/ sanity-wise.

I'm male, 40, single, unemployed, 3 relapses (17 days, 4 days, 9 days) since 29 Mar 2011
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I think it's a....

I think it's a very good idea to schedule for M especially for those who have strong urges to look at P and then M. In my case, I am more into P than into M, So M is not a problem for me. It's better for me to M than watching P and M'ing. Eventually the urges to watch P and M'ing will hopefully come down and disappear someday.

Just a suggestion?

For those times when you decide to masturbate, would it be possible for you to do it somewhere *without* visual stimulation (your reference to the tv anchorwomen made me think about this, lol)~~I'm thinking perhaps in the shower?

If you could do it without linking the act to any woman on a flat-screen of any type--just be in your mind and just do it for the sensation alone without fantasy...I do feel that will be a blessing to any woman who may be in your future!!


I agree with rediscovered

I agree with rediscovered completely. Masturbation while looking at women and drawing whatever fantasies from that to me is to close to hitting a porn site. When I looked a porn, I wasn't literally looking at the women, I was creating things in my mind. Something tells me you were using the visuals to create the fantasy to achieve O.

Not that I'm against fantasies, I just think they should purely come from the mind, not a visual source on a TV or computer.

I'll admit that I am avoid MO for a while. I want to feel better before starting back in with the brain bouncing. And since I have a partner, I more anxious to connect to her in a bonding type of way.


No O teaches you that it is not central and you CAN go without. Rush, you've got the scientific attitude. Keep studying your reactions and find the path that is best for you.
I agree with RD. Masturbating without visual stimulation is an important step. Changing yourself in that way is a gift to the world. It was part of my transition. I got the idea from Robert Glover's book "No More Mr. Nice Guy". Get some lube and enjoy yourself.
I've never used a schedule. I don't remember how long it's been since I masturbated to orgasm. October 2010 was the last time I lubed up for fun. In February I had a stint of looking at swim suit models and started to get hard once (Sports Illustrated started that Feb cycle for me in my youth. It's amazing how that shit sticks). These days my erections are primarily related to connecting with my wife. I have no reason to seek that thrill in other contexts.
Best wishes

Yes, I have been doing it

Yes, I have been doing it for a while

Some idea:

1) visual stimulation/fantasy makes orgasms bigger (bad)

2) binge will make craving worse (avoid)

3) if you are careful you can ejaculate small amount only

Less ejaculation may feel more balanced the next day. works for me

From the start...

I put myself on a schedule from the start. I knew that stopping completely would be incredibly difficult and since I had no issues walking away from P I felt my situation was not as dire as some others.

I put myself on a once per week limit. With careful observation on how I did it and controlling the urge to binge again over the next few days. I got lucky in that I've met someone with whom I'm having regular relations with. If you can be so lucky things will turn for the better that much quicker.

My focus when I did M was entirely on me and what I was feeling. There were no flashbacks of P scenes and I didn't look at anything that would be considered trigger worthy material either before or during. My eyes were open the entire time looking at myself and how my body was responding. I listened to my bodies signs and when it said it was time, it was time. The controlling of your thoughts is the most important skill you can develop. Without the thoughts of a sexual rendezvous, there will be no response. In other words, if you're washing dishes and you get a woody, it's time to spend some time with yourself.


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