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I am new to the site, and must compliment Marnia & Gary on providing a such a wonderful resource that has such a huge need. I am a man, married 22 years, now in my latter 50's. I am on a journey towards spiritual enlightenment, and believe that this is my goal for this lifetime. My interest in "new age" spirituality stemmed from when I was young, but didn't really get going until about 20-25 years ago. I have a strong attraction to the opposite sex, love my wife dearly, but love to look at other well-proportioned women as well. I have experimented with periods of abstinence over the years,
so it is very refreshing to now be able to learn much about this topic, and to read of the experiences
of others. I have broached the topic of karezza to my wife, and she seems receptive, and we will be
experimenting soon. The demon struggle I refer to in my subject line, is what most males, and perhaps also females encounter during abstinence from orgasm. What a powerful draw, this ingrained
biological fight/flight, intercourse/orgasm, continue the species urge is! Today is currently day 17 of no o for me. It is a roller coaster ride. Periods of calm, accentuated with moments of almost animal like
attraction to a good looking woman crossing the street, a cute friendly cashier, or even a pretty weather gal on tv. Sometimes it feels like there is a steel rod going up through the center of me.
Strength, energy, power. But also a few side effects, trouble sleeping, bladder pressure in the night (haven't had to get up to pee at night for years). Sometimes a bit of ache in the testicles/prostate.
Without realizing it, I guess I have been practicing a form of self-karezza for years. Gentle, lubricated
self-stroking, no visual stimulation, just enjoying the pure feel of powerful manhood, stopping when a
tiny bit of release is felt in the prostate area, finding this takes off the pressure for the day, until after
the first cup of coffee the next morning, when the powerful desire kicks in again. I have a bit of a
concern as regards the prostate, I have read that regular "flushing" of the prostate helps to avoid prostate cancer, and I wonder whether abstinence and pressure there might be cause for concern.
Anyway, this is a bit of an introduction, I will continue to read and learn from the forum, and I just wanted to share a bit of my experience as I work toward getting in charge of my physical body. It's kind of like telling it"You're not in charge anymore, I am, you have been fired" and then having to deal with it throwing a tantrum like a 2 year old saying " I want an orgasm" LOL. It is an uphill
climb, but fun at the same time.


Here's a link on our other site that deals with prostate health. There's no definitive correleation between ejaculation and prostate cancer. More importantly the one study that correlated higher rates of ejaculation (other studies did not) with a lower risk of prostate cancer showed that it was only for ejaculation rate in their twenties. Not other age groups.
Don't I need to ejaculate frequently for prostate health?

Your reaction of having sexual desire and seeing all women as cute is normal.