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Ok guy n gales,
I am newish (4th post) and i was wondering about a couple of experiences i've been having and what is the general view of more experienced people like yourselves.

Ok, this is the picture i am on day 12 of no p/m/o and have started to experiment with my wife with bonding behaviour and karezza, which on not going very well cos everytime we've tryed it she endeds up pissed off with me and cutting it short or ending abruptly because she is get turn on and wants to orgasm or she just goes througth the motions so as not to get turn on. she said she doesn't know what she seems to be doing (she doesn't want to read the book just want me to explain it to her) and she doesn't know when to stop or end it as she has always ended in orgasm. You must be thinking by now why the f**k has this guys posted this on solo experiences! jejeje here goes.

Ok from day 4 to day 12 and getting worse by the day, I am a walking hard on (pardon my french) the lampost are start to grow skirts and naught smiles, i can not look at a coke bottle with out getting wood, a go around singing "we are the wood presevation society" from the commercial just to throw some humour in or i'll go nuts. You get the idea "extremely horny most of the day and turn by a slight breeze". Now as my wife is not too keen on helping with the problem due to her own issues and passion cycles which i hope is nearly over, i have been experimenting on my own and i would love to get some advise and opinions from your selves as to the validity of this practice or is it just a trick from my mammel brain to get me to cum and back into the cycle. ( or just the need for a dopamine ruch?)

excuse me if i am too explisit: what i do is, when its a really bad day and I feel sexual enegry coming out of my ears per say, if i have some time alone in bed, i sort of ( this is embarrasing!!) carres my man hood and his two best mates very softy and slow with both hand, then with some lub i rub the tip in a circular motion while massaging the max brothers very slowly, it quite pleasurable i don't orgasm although sometimes get near but not too near. Well i sort of do that for 30-40min, then althrougthout i tighten my kegel and what ever other muscle you use for orgasm and sort of send the energy and blood flow up my spine. then i meditate for 20min and go to sleep. (must admit that fantacies do come into my mind once in a while as i am doing this)

opinions please.

O i fogot to mention that i do feel less sexually magnatised when i finish and more relaxed.

Is practice something i should avoid as it might reinforce the old pathway or could it be used to relieve sexual tension for people with no partner or like me in wierd situations?

Does your wife

know my Izzy? Maybe they went to the same Catholic school? (ok, I'll take any heat y'all want to throw at me for that one) I haven't figured out the "not interested spouse" thing.
Yeah, you were edging. It doesn't work.
Since you just had an orgasm....does your whole body jerk when you cum? If you do, you might want to try a BWASP. I find it very satisfying and I really don't think it triggers the dope cycle. (go to 3/5/2011)
Ya really gotta get past day 14.....and day 13 is HELL. You're doing good my friend, you'll get it.

If your wife's not on board yet,

there's a limit to what you can accomplish. Sounds like you're both rearing to go. Smile Maybe you two could just agree to orgasm every __ times you make love. It takes a while to get the hang of the karezza, because you need time for your brains to become more sensitive.

Masturbating without orgasm just creates anxiety...unless you master one of these ancient practices for arousing and then circulating the energy: