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Right girls and boys I need some major advice here.

Tomorrow night I'll be going over to a grils house to have sex we've been seening eachother for quite a bit and well... you know we wanna have sex lols :)

But... I have the worst track record of trying to get an errection. The three time in my life once with her I was about to have sex Mr winkie decided to let me down. So still a virgin at the age of 21 getting more and more frustrated. Anyway I recently went a 120 something days without porn. woo woo but i was masturbating every sunday, usualy more than 3 times.
But due to frustration of not getting hard last friday i decided to watch porn and masturbate this morning. OHHH NO!!!

I still have no libido and its driving me mad I feel 100 years old. The annoying thing is, I workout alot and eat right my testosterone and libido should be through the roof, yet it aint.

I'm really realy woried that tomorrow me penis wont come out to play and I would of ruined another relationship again and have to spend months maybe years till another opertunity comes again.

Thank you! x

Ps. I typed this in a rush, so loads of spelling misatkes and some info might be missing. xx

Good luck

What about a slow approach like the Exchanges from our book? I could send them to you if you like.

No matter what happens, don't fret. If your body doesn't respond, then make sure you let her know it's your issue and not her attractiveness. Don't worry...she'll still like you. Wink

*big hug*