Multiple Orgasm Fatigue

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We are retired..mid a loving relationship! I love orgasms and have so many I am totally depleted for days. The longer I delay the more I have; If we express love every three days I will have twenty orgasms in the first hour, if we wait a week I will have thirty to forty in the first hour, and another twenty in the second hour. I need to know what I can take or do to keep my energy up and experience the same level of orgasms. This has been going on for over fifteen years...I am otherwise very healthy, active, my weight and my mental health are excellent! How can I keep my dopamine levels up? Thanks, Erica

Sounds like a nice problem to have!

This website is about the solution of avoiding orgasm in order to prevent feelings of neediness, mood swings, emotional distance, depletion and exhaustion during the weeks afterward. If we knew a way around this problem that retains orgasm, we would certainly be maintaining a very different website. Smile

The more serious answer is that we don't believe there IS a consistent way around this problem because of the neurochemistry of orgasm (and post-orgasm). This is why the Taoists and others have recommended making love without orgasm for thousands of years.

All the best to you both,

I understand what you mean.

I understand what you mean. All I have to say that I'm in my 40s and I don't have any problems with orgasms too. A friend of mine has advised to use Sentia pills for women. These pills are for women who want to keep their sexual health. After the course of it I have noticed that I have become more sexually active.