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So, yesterday I masturbated to orgasm after 23 days without any PMO and am very aware and wary of the chaser effect. I've already felt it in the past day. My question(s) are - does the potency of the chaser effect ever fade with time? Or does it stay as strong after every orgasm? Is it different with a partner vs. solo?

This is only my second time at the rebooting process. The first time I was able to abstain from all PMO for 28 days, then after having the first orgasm, binged on P,M, and O because of the chaser effect and my libido came SCREAMING back. So this time I'm especially wary, and so far managing to keep myself out of any binge. Currently I'm single, and am trying to find the balance between orgasm and abstinence (because I've experienced and believe the positive effects of decreased orgasm frequency). I'm aiming for an orgasm while not in a relationship no more frequently than once a week.

Any help/experiences would be greatly appreciated!

This is a porn free

This is a porn free perspective, but I had a problem with compulsive masturbation a while back. I'd found myself doing it all the time and found it really hard to stop. I'm just broke my third stint at abstinence. (Each one has been about three weeks). I this time is the first that I haven't really struggled with any kind of chaser effect. I think that maybe you have to abstain for a while until your brain as sorted itself out and then can masturbate healthily after that. I think that for me that maybe two weeks is a good minimum spacing. But when I first started trying to give up I needed longer in order not to be pulled back to compulsive masturbating.

Good luck finding what works for you.

Hugs, Katten

Based on what I've heard

on this forum, I would have said the same thing as katten. Of course, each person is probably slightly different, so finding your ideal balance is important. But it's also important to realize that "ideal" may change with time.

Please share what your actual experience is. It will help everyone, as we're all learning together here.


@Katten: Thanks for responding and sharing your experience with this process. You rock!

@Marnia: Thanks to you too, your advice is always insightful. As for my "actual experience" I'm not 100% sure if you mean my whole story or just what's going on with this second reboot process currently. The former is nothing particularly impressive, par for the course I suppose. Found porn/masturbation at young age, used it since, didn't realize the effect it was having on me until it hit me a few times with ED while with a beautiful, sexy woman (I'm only almost 30). As for the latter:

I've managed to be hit with the chaser effect again after this 2nd time of about 3 weeks abstaining from all PMO. I've not used porn, but after the 3 weeks of abstaining from all, my libido simply became too much and I masturbated to orgasm once. I knew the chaser effect was coming, I could feel it the very next day, and that's when I asked the above question. I managed to go another 2 days without any more orgasms, but the increased sexual desire was crazy, and I ended up M+O 4 times in the next 3 days, the last being late last night. So, now I'm back trying to have another go at abstaining for at least a week prior to my next one.

Once again, just as with after the first time going 3 weeks without any PMO I've definitely noticed a shift in my "swagger" and feeling of energy and emotional balance. I want find that balance that works for me. I'm not disappointed in myself for the chaser effect, it's a well known side effect for brains that aren't in balance and that have the history of abusing such things in the past. But, I'm holding out hope that in time it will get easier. In the mean time I'll continue to read the forums and reinforce the mental ideas that I know deep down to hold true, that eliminating porn, and limiting masturbation and orgasm are nothing but good things when you're with only yourself! I look forward to trying Karezza with a partner when it comes (no pun intended Wink

Sounds like

you were able to avoid the porn, though, right? Well done!

Yeah, you'll find your way. All you needed was the compass. Wink

Very glad to hear about that swagger. We just watched a program on brown bears in Alaska. During mating season the males use something the researchers call "cowboy walk" to impress the ladies. Basically they walk like their balls are so full semen that their legs have to be splayed out a bit. It gave new meaning to the "swagger" term. Smile

Hope you soon have a partner to experiment with.

*big hug*