Another health benefit of karezza? (for men)

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My darling lover has been waiting to tell me this because he wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke or a passing thing~~

But this morning he told me he is pretty confident that our karezza lovemaking has been beneficial for his prostate. Smile

He said he started noticing a couple of years ago that his urine stream was getting a little weaker and he was not able to completely empty his bladder all at one time (he would have been 50 at the time and I guess this is a part of the aging process for men~~he is now 52).

In the last couple of months, he has been noticing a stream of urine that is similar to what he had as a young man~~strong and steady! And he may only get up to urinate once during the night these days (was getting up several times before this). And no stopping-and-starting like before.

What do you all think? Anyone else noticed this benefit?

I think it's wonderful! ♥

So glad to hear that

Dunno. Maybe it's related to Winston's question about tension in key muscles in that region. Other men have also reported needing to urinate less frequently, although the ones I remember were younger than your cute guy.

Anyway, it's great news. Let's hear it for "Healing Through Sexual Relationships!" Smile


I was looking around the 'net and apparently DHT (male sex hormone) can be related to enlarged prostate (the more DHT a man has the greater the likelihood for an enlarged prostate) and it made me wonder if ejaculation somehow "ups" this male hormone? (another reason to stop masturbating!?)

I don't know what the science is behind DHT and ejaculation, but now I'm interested!