Independant Study?

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Marnia and Gary ---

A couple of questions:

1. Is there plans to allow your method to go through the rigorous tests of the scientific method? I mean --- can an independant party review the science side of your mehtod and confirm your conclusions?

2. Is there plans to update or revise the book or do you think it has reached it's max potential?




We DO hope some real research will be done comparing the two ways of making love. This requires laboratories and research scientists, which we don't have.

However, we think we have a promising way to test it, and we even have a research PhD lined up to contact the scientists who have done similar tests in the past. (See

It involves measuring wound-healing speed, as a way of showing that this approach is good for health.

There are no plans to update the book, although I have no doubt that much work remains to be done in learning how to master this ancient path. I saw Peace as a starting place, and a way to get my "teammates" doing their own research. Despite your current frustration, I think you may well be poised for a key breakthrough. Perhaps you'll write the next one!

I would like to write a second book...after I understand more about the spiritual implications of this practice.

Design of Experiment

The posting below I posted in another topic, but it did not appear in the forum, so I am copying it here. Just some addition:
Yes, it will be great to make real scientific research. The draw back for spreading this helpful knowledge so far is exactly lack of link between the scientific approach, and the ancient knowledge! That's why, experiments related with that subject ought to begin. For my part, I am only finishing bachelor degree in psychology. It means that I do not have the possibilities of PhD status, and also I do not have medical means, such as access to laboratories.So far, I can conduct lesser research, using psychological instruments, such as tests and interviews. There is a theoretical possibility for work together with physician too. Actually, for really valuable research, widely accepted in the global village, the variant of common work with physician is the only one possible.


Hello, Marnia!
Yes, in somewhat degree – we are in cage! We are experiencing the great value of these practices in each and every aspect in our life! In our inner mental functioning, first of all, which predetermines the way of perception of the others in our relationship and social exchange. Our attitude toward the objective world is only a reflection of our inner world. If we are in instable mood swings, irritation, cravings, fear and hostility, caused by our “normal” sexual orgasms, we will project these states immediately and automatically on the surrounding world, people, situations. Even being alone, we will feel depressed, weak and unhappy!
All of us, who communicate here in this site, know by their own empirical observation the enormous and indispensable advantages of the sacred sexuality we practice. These effects go far beyond the act itself. They penetrate in each aspect and every movement of our daily activities.
Lately I was thinking – Actually what would happen if Humans were thaught since their early childhood, trained in the methods of the sacred inner sexuality, the proper use of their libido, this energy, which in fact, conducts every higher level in the human behavior? I think, the answer is: The whole way of perception, thinking, feeling and acting of the Humanity will inevitably change in virtually each domain(for better). Sex impacts every one of us invisibly more than we think. And – here is the fatal gap – we do not really realize the connection between our ability to love, Feel the Beauty of live, to know our purpose as a human beings on that earth – and the way we undergo our sexual habits!
In my opinion the relation between these two – SEX and LOVE – is not only direct – something more! They are ONE! Our libido is just more tangible and condensed form of Love. This very same Love that we seldom feel in our lives, but because of our ignorance, we loose rapidly!
Here comes the question: why we are in this state, why we have lost this knowledge and big deal of Humanity lives their life in hormonal, emotional and mental misery? May be somebody is interested in keeping us in such a weak and ignorant position, so we can be easier manipulated? I guess so. But this is out of my present thought direction.
In practice, from the one hand, we are in unprofitable position of pioneers, who have to push their way through the piles of “scientific” and social prejudices. But, from the other hand – we have the advantage to be the first, who are living at the proper time, when this well known, but temporally forgotten knowledge insists to be recovered! The epoch is requiring that!
So, what can be the practical Design of Experiment, that we can conduct, what can be the theoretical frame and the practical steps of such design?

Be Healthy!!!

I agree with what you have said


I will ask Mary if we can put you in touch with the psychologist in Cambridge who wanted to help us. His field is religion, not sex, so his interest is not as strong. Still, he has done some thinking about how one might test for benefits with this approach. Could you send me a private message (click on my name) with your email address?