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Hi I have 3 weeks without PMO and I spend a lot of time playing videogames in playstation 3.
This can be bad for my reebooting?

video games repost

I also posted this to another blog:

I used to be addicted to both - porno and video games.
a visual stimulation that completly draws you into a fantasy world of sex or or power because in VG you are the hero that always wins, in the end... escaping reality, the confrontation with a real life woman, real life problems like doing the groceries or paying your bills Eye-wink
I could sit for hours, especially at night, jerking off to internet porn or playing games.
The video game addiction has someone gotten easier to break off - now I more look at it as a distraction, something I just do like watching tv. But I still think it's very similar to porn in the sense it cuts me off from the outside world, it stimulates me visually and keeps me glued to a computer screen, and it can be very difficult to break out and come back to the real world.
So the advice I have for myself is - close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, ask yourself - do you really want to spend the next hour glued to a computer screen? is there something else that you would rather do , like going for a walk, calling a friend, do some sports? or something that needs to be done, taking care of everyday life that might be a bit boring to do, but what a satisfaction, to have your home clean again, your clothes washed, your dishwasher working again?
by staying at your computer, the risk of getting drawn into porn is always greater.
get up, walk a few steps, go to the window, breathe, smell, listen, look. the answer is easy.
interacting with real people, real problems, in the real world, will always be more rewarding, bring you forward in life. gaming will bring you forward in the game level.
beetween the computer world and the real world, the choice is yours.