My penis is dead and my libido is dead after 3 weeks

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Im sorry but Im desperate, My penis is dead and my libido is dead after 3 weeks, is this normal?
Im gettin so depressed :(
I think im worst than before doing no PMO.
Im not saying I want to quit is just im desperate and fear to lost my 8 years relationship that i survive in sex life with a lot of porn stimulation, but with the time it cause me ED.
Im doing this because I really love my girlfriend and she is my force to keep doing this.


I know it's unnerving,

but yes, it is *completely normal* and it may go on for a while longer. The average "turnaround" time is around 8 weeks. Some men need more. Some need less.

But a "dead, shriveled penis" and "no libido" are perfectly normal during the reboot. Sad Instead of getting depressed, stay busy and do your best not to think about it until week 8. Also, avoid "testing" with porn, as that just increases the time needed to heal.

Did you read any of the accounts here?

This will pass, and your libido will come roaring back. Smile

*big hug*

Day 24

Ok well Im in my day 24 withou PMO.
Wow something happen today in a 1 to 10 count I feel a 5 in my libido but, this is AMAZING, WHY?, BECAUSE i had more than 1 year with 0 of libido, and i mean 0.00000000000000000.
This is so strange because yesterday I feel so depresive, sad and frustrated.
I dnt know what happen but this 5 in libido is somthing that give power to move on and live my life again, i did not remember how it feels and its great, is like at least part of my men force is coming back.
Thnx for the help in this forum.

See you

Your libido

is likely to bounce around for a while. The good days show you what's coming (so to speak Wink ). Just ignore the bad days. It's almost like a pendulum at first...swinging back and forth.

You're doing great. 24 days is *excellent* Smile

Day 28

Hi Im in day 28 without PMO, well 4 days ago i really felt my libido a little and i was so happy, but this past days im in 0.0000 libido again :( im depressed again because of this, but well is something that i have to get over, and continue, i guess.
I feel so down because i saw a beautiful beautiful precious girl and well, i felt nothing, not a single spark of my libido and that was so depresive for me today, because she is all what i call exactly my type, big boobs, skinny, pretty face, black hair, white skin, spectacular; but nothing, not just a little bit, just zero.
I hope my life can be better in the future.
Well see you my friends.


recovery is like that. First you jut get little "tastes" of what "normal" feels like. Try to be patient. You should be due for a big breakthrough within the next few weeks.

29 days

My libido is back, 29 days without PMO, i have sex with my girl last night, without viagra or cialis, or supplements, was amazing sex, just felt so natural, without fantasies, just pure libido and a sensitive penis.
For a resume of my past, I wathced porn for about my 11 years old to my 29 years old right now, i lived a hell, for the last 5 years, with ED, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, viagra, cialis, zero libidio and now im back, just so natural, like my fisrt time i lost my virginity i felt amazing.
just 29 days without pmo i garantize this tmethod.
Any doubts write me pls.

Way to go!

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