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Well, I guess this is the beginning for me. I'm going to try to go until September without masturbating. I've went for sustained periods of no orgasm before, some lasting up to a month long. However, I still masturbated a LOT during those periods (maybe even more than usual) and I did not find there was any difference in how I felt so I relapsed. When I say "how I felt", I'm referring to my mental state. I have extreme brain fog and can barely concentrate or think most of the time. I also suffer from chronic fatigue which is annoying. There is some minor ED, but to be honest getting that worked out is secondary to getting my mind back on the right track. I'm young (20) and still in university. I used to be smart as a whip, and had basically every career path imaginable open to me. This PMO addiction has crippled my memory and brain to the point where I'm struggling to do average in school (which I think is pretty amazing considering how I feel). Reading some of the blogs and rebooting accounts has really given me some hope to beat this thing. It's inspiring to read some of you say "I can't believe how good it feels, I forgot what it was like to feel this way, etc".

I'll hopefully see you on the other side!

Hey Free,

have you checked out the stories on "Your Brain On Porn" too? Uncle Bob always has some inspiration, too.

I would say the the most consistently reported improvements from guys recovering are (1) greater ease in socializing and (2) improved concentration. So I think the chances are good that you'll soon feel better.

I'm assuming you were masturbating to porn, right? You're certainly not the first person to report miserable symptoms while skipping orgasm but continuing to masturbate to porn. Amazing what all that hyperstimulation can do to the reward circuitry...and how wide the ripples in the brain are.

Hope your inner genius is soon back in the saddle. The world needs it. Smile

I have definitely seen an

I have definitely seen an improve in concentration and ability to process and think clearly. Last year, I was a total mess. Just barely making it through class. Now I can sit down with a book and really indulge in it. Good luck! Hopefully I see you on the other side. I am working to stay there, myself. Wink

Good question Gary. Yeah it

Good question Gary. Yeah it was to porn, and I really don't know why. Part of me (whatever rationality I have left) told me I had to stop what I was doing. Another part of me just couldn't go cold turkey and so I thought I could make some sort of compromise. Thanks for the link to that article though, I need to read things like that to get it in my head that I need to change my ways. I miss having a clear mind and not being tired.

In terms of dopamine

"fixes" today's Internet porn is "hotter" than masturbation to orgasm. It's 'cause each bit of searching, each novel image, each more shocking whatever releases dopamine.

In a sense, though, you're on the right track. Low dopamine feels rotten and you may benefit by using some other dopamine-raisers to get things back to normal. Have you tried vigorous exercise? Socializing? Any of the other ideas here?

All help raise dopamine...a bit, without triggering intense dopamine rushes that promote relapse. Just know that the other activities might not register as all that satisfying at first. Your brain is still numb. It wants "cheese burgers" not carrot sticks. Smile That will change with time.

It's been almost 3 weeks

It's been almost 3 weeks since I last had an orgasm, but I'm still masturbating almost every day. I haven't noticed any changes in my state of fatigue or mental capacity. However, the ED is starting to diminish. I just woke up from a "nap" that lasted from 7 pm - midnight, and I have to be in for work at 7:45 in the morning. It's times like this when I am able to control urges best, because I'm fully aware of how ****ed up my life has become. I absolutely need to see significant improvement in my thinking and fatigue before school starts.

Some questions - What do some of you guys do to control urges? i.e. repeat certain phrases in your mind, deep breathing, try to do pushups every time you think you'll relapse. Any and all advice is appreciated.