The porn epidemic is the new obesity epidemic.

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Part of what I do for a living is follow trends in the health and fitness industry. I research what will be the next "Tae Bo" or "Zumba", or what diet fads are going to be popular in the next year or so. It doesn't take an expert to see that the U.S. population, as well as most other industrialized countries, are getting much fatter much quicker. I believe this trend will get worse in the future. As long as we have high calorie/low nutrient/great tasting food available at all times, this is most likely what we will choose to consume.

At the same time, technology has made our lives much much easier than those of past generations. Our ancestors had to physically work to survive, so they burned more calories in the process. Chopping wood to stay warm burns a hell of lot more calories than playing video games or watching t.v..

This brings me to my comparison between porn and obesity. The 2 basic needs a species has for survival is consuming nutrients aaaaaand procreation(getting some.) Eating high calorie food and storing it as energy used to keep our ancestors alive, this is why we prefer pizza and cheesecake to asparagus and chicken breasts. Our ancient ancestors wouldn't have the slightest clue what the hell a Big Mac was, but it would taste awesome to them. It would be super stimulus to them. That is what porn is to sex, super stimulation. The research on this site and others, not to mention our own anecdotal evidence, suggest that porn use is on the rise everywhere that computers are available. We can see what it is doing to us and to the women(future or present) we love who have to deal with the side effects of our over stimulation.

This website didn't exist 10 years ago. If you google any combination of masturbation/porn/erectile dysfunction you will see a lot of hits, websites and forums are popping up all over the place now with men scared of what is going wrong with their equipment. Scariest thing of all is that most of these guys are young. An article somewhere on this site talks about all of the cialis/viagra ads being pushed to younger and younger guys now a days.

I think websites like this could be one the original sources of information for young people when this porn epidemic starts to pick up speed. If I'm not mistaken Marnia and Gary didn't create this site for this problem. It transformed into this version now because guys kept getting sent here accidently while looking into why they were getting E.D. problems and making the connection to porn. This site and YBOP could be on the front lines of this if porn related ED really does turn in to an epidemic.

Maybe we should start thinking of ways to combat this before it is to late.

We're open to suggestions

We created YBOP so it would be easier for guys to find what they need more easily. But we're at a loss for how to publicize it.

Right now, the main way word gets out is through men on body building and PUA sites mentioning it...sometimes starting a flame war. Wink

Feel free to mention YBOP on other forums where you see guys suffering. Just knowing they're not alone helps a lot, and sound information about recovery is very soothing.

I found the site years ago

I found the site years ago when I searched "masturbation addiction", I've been a fan ever since. I've seen it mentioned a few times on other forums. The BB guys probably are trying to find ways to bring their testosterone up and the PUA guys probably to get their confidence in approaching women up. I've seen the flame wars too, most people don't really understand unless they have personal experience.

The other day I found several references to reuniting on this forum on medhelp. It was a tread about porn related ED. There were over 700 responses! 85% were from young guys having ED problems and wondering if their porn watching had anything to do with it. 14% were from wives and girlfriends who were sad and frustrated that the men they loved pick porn over them, most were on the verge of leaving them. 1% thought porn related ED was a bunch of BS. These guys were WAY outnumbered. It pissed off a lot of the sufferers when these guys said their opinion.

The thread started a couple of years ago but it really started to pick up speed with in the last year or so. That was one of the reasons why I thought this thing could be getting worse for the rest of society.

It's definitely

getting worse, as more guys spend more time with highspeed porn. Gary has posted on Medhelp a number of times to get the word out. But the moderator won't allow links to "Your Brain On Porn." Grrrr....

Prodigal -- I lie your post

Prodigal --

I like your post and it leads me to a few questions. Porn obviously grew as Internet speeds took off. Before that time it was out there, but required buying/renting movies or paying for a cable channel. Even then, it wasn't all you could eat (so to speak) since you could only really watch on thing at a time.

So while the porn growth makes sense, the food comparison confuses me a little and makes me wonder if there is something much deeper going on. 35 years ago we had fast food, donuts, ice cream, pop, etc. Granted not as much fast food, but BigMacs were alive and well. So what was the trigger that increased obesity?

My theory is that people have become overloaded and overstimulated. The human body is a terrible multitasker yet we drive and eat and talk and text. We are never disconnected from the world, relax little, and there almost seems to be the belief that being busy is cool. Parents run around scheduling their kids lives (we used to just find things to do) and people are used to grabbing food as they need it. I do think obesity is a symptom of this, stress, lack of physical activity, and less time to prepare proper food. At the same time, I think the same think is helping to fuel porn as people initially think of it as a relaxation tool on their high tech gadgets and then they don't realize how destructive it is.

Not claiming I have it all figured out, but things just seem to be getting worse very quickly. No doubt we are stimulating our brain in waysit wasn't designed for -- but I keep thinking about what the triggers are.

You're absolutely correct!

You're absolutely correct! We are way over-stimulated mentally and less stimulated physically. Junk food has been around for a long time it just wasn't as prevalent. There is enormous variety in fast food and take home junk food, it was more limited years ago. Also, to financially survive in todays society, families often need dual incomes. 35 years ago there were many more stay at home parents and more home cooked/healthy meals when families sat around the dinner table. Parents often (feel) they don't have the time to prepare meals so they go for the easy quick fix of fast food. Parents don't realize that they do have the time, they choose to spend that time doing other things, watching t.v. etc.

People get upset some times when I say this, they get offended but stats do not lie. In the U.S. we have the fattest generation of children in recorded history, that's a long time. There is no precedent in historical records for any civilization to be as fat as we are and have children with a lower predicted mortality rate than their parents. Technology has always allowed people to live longer than the generation before it, studies show this is about to stop.

Sorry for the rant and I don't mean to seem apocalyptic but I do this stuff for a living, so I get to see all of the crazy studies and data. If the porn problem increases at the rate of the obesity problem, in other words very quickly, we as a people are in big trouble. The asian video game studies say the same thing over there.