Question about libido/ED testing or how do I know if I'm rebooted?

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Does anyone on this board or Marnia or Gary perhaps know of a productive way to test if you are rebooted or recovered? I know edging is bad so I don't want to go that route to test. My brain loves to convince me that edging is a GREAT way to test out my erections. Bad Brain!! I've seen a lot of other guys on this board want to know the answer. Oh, and I know that the best way to really test is to find a young honey to share my erection with, that isn't really the answer I'm looking for.

I mean what signs are there before I'm in bed with a naked girl about to get my swerve on that I'm ready for action? I think a lot of guys, including myself, would kind of like to have some sort of physical barometer to see how far along we are in recovering.

Any Ideas?

I did

I'm actually going about my recovery the same way. Almost no tv and very little internet use unless it's work related of this forum. My life is now extremely boring, but it's worth it. The girl I decided to do this for, she doesn't know, is coming out to spend a week with me at about the same time I should be at day 54. For me, I feel that it should be more than enough time being that I feel pretty good about my progress already. That is what keeps me fighting the good fight against my urges.