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hi there, Im a early20s male, into fitness, healthy eating and now rebooting my brain can be added to that list
I found this site a few months back and identified with it immediatly, it was only about 2 weeks ago I went clubbin n brought a really cute/funny/bubbly girl to my new bed (recently moved outta home, now MUCH closer to the city) and lo & wood..its honestly like the 4th time its happened and Im over it. Naturally I lost her and the others before her.. dammit Im 100% commited to ending this nightmare.

Ive tried the no PMO but kept slippin up, I live with 2 guy roomates so porn/sex/girlfreinds(for them anyway) is something I sorta gotta block-out everyday. Anyway Im dertermined to keep to it this time, last time I lasted 3 weeks but i got so depressed, quiet, bored, angry lol who wudda thought a thing a stupid as porn could F*&% with our minds so deeply >=(
So Im not just sittin around waiting for the day to end like I feel like I am sometimes.
ATM Im doing p90x daily and Im upto week 4 of that now so I got further there than with no PMO.
Im eating healthy lean food, got a good network of freinds (that dont and will not be aware of this)

Im looking for ppl to talk to and share mutual support through the oncoming weeks/months we have ahead of us..
I looked at my last porn vid last night and have now deleted all porn from my HD, I even snapped my psp memory stick (soley dedicated to porn) and threw it in 4 different bins in town lol

Im gonna be posting often with insights and to vent so I hope we can help each other out here I look forward to hearin from sum of u awesome..lets face it BRAVE guys/girls

Good for you

Yes boredom and anxiety and despair are normal phases of withdrawal for many. So is the "evil" flatline and desperate desire to "test." In case you want to see what others go through, or what the benefits look like, here are two FAQs?



Good luck! Nice job on the porn stick. Wink